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How to connect with Own Spirit Guides

How to connect with Own Spirit Guides

 All of us have an Angel.  They are all around us if we could only perceive them.  Often confused with angels, they are souls who walk amongst us who are here to help, offer guidance, comfort, and yes - even advice.  Just what are these spirits and where do they come from?  They are known as Spirit Guides and they come from the Realm (Kingdom) of Spirit, or the Other Side (Different world).

A Spirit Guide, unlike an Angel, was once a human being, like you and I.  They lived their life, performed their tasks, died, and crossed over to the Other Side.  Some choose to come back, to reincarnate in a new life, in a new place.  Others, however, make the choice to remain in Spirit so they can learn and spiritually advance while helping others still living to learn their life's lessons.  This is a Spirit Guide.

Spirit Guides, as former human beings, are well aware of the problems we face in our everyday lives.  They were once concerned with very similar matters.  They tend to have their own special areas of expertise, often based on past personal experiences or careers they have had in a past life. 

Your Spirit Guide, unlike your Guardian Angel, comes & goes in your life.  A Guardian Angel is with you from birth until death.  A Spirit Guide, on the other hand, comes into your life when an issue arises that falls under a guide's field of expertise.  So, Spirit Guides often come and go, changing as the situations in your life change, and as you change and grow, you attract new guides to you.

Your Spirit Guide is always there to help you.  This is their sole purpose, to offer the living their help and guidance.  However, as spirits, they operate on a higher vibration frequency than mortals do, so the majority of us cannot see them, cannot hear them, and cannot sense their presence.

So, how do we know when a Spirit Guide is trying to make contact with us?

Unless you are fairly intuitive, most of us are not consciously aware of when a Spirit Guide attempts to make contact with us.  Think of the random thoughts that occur to you throughout your day.  Hmm, no, that's too much.  What about the random thoughts that occur to you in just 3 minutes?

Take this simple test.  Try to focus & sustain your thought on one goal:

"I wish to make contact with my Spirit Guide."

All right, 3 minutes have passed. 

How many of you were able to sustain your thoughts for 3 minutes without having single unrelated thoughts enter in your mind???  I'm willing to bet very few of you were able to do this, unless you already practice some form of meditation or guided visualization techniques.

You see, your brain is like a giant. It processes input continuously while you are awake and even when you are asleep.  Unless you perform this simple exercise inside a sensory deprivation chamber, other thoughts are going to occur to you.  For example, I also tried this exercise.  I do not meditate, however I practice visualization & focusing techniques when I perform spells & readings.  Yet, when I did this simple exercise here are some thoughts that occurred to me in ONLY 3 minutes:

My wrist itches

When I will finish my work?

The air conditioner seems extra loud

I hope my daughter doesn't interrupt me

You probably had a very similar experience, perhaps not the same thoughts as I (now that would be something!), but I am sure some random thoughts interrupted your focus.  This is normal because this is just how the brain works.  When this occurs, merely bring your thoughts to focus back on your objective: 

"I wish to make contact with my Spirit Guide."
In time, you will find that you are capable of sustaining this thought for longer periods of time before random thoughts begin to enter your head.  When you actually do attempt to make contact with your Spirit Guide, the ability to focus becomes very important.

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