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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Too Good to be True?

Too Good to be True?

Some of you may think that what is written here is too good to be true. However, as you can read in other sections, we are sharing with you how to use your Inner Heart. The heart is special. As is known in every culture, the real truth lies within the heart because no being can manipulate your heart. With your own Inner Heart, which you will be able to use just a few months after your first day of learning Reiki, you will be able to observe on your own everything that we mention here, everything that we share with you. What we share is not a concept or a theory, but real the truth. You can prove everything that we have mentioned with your own Inner Heart.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reiki Attunement

Reiki Attunement

At birth you already had negativities and blockages within your energy channels and chakras because you were not pure. As you grow older, you accumulate more negativities and blockages as a result of the negative emotions you created and which were not cleansed. In Reiki, you will receive something called attunement, a process in which the Reiki master helps you to cleanse and open:

Reiki is easy to learn. Reiki is not learned in the normal sense. It is awakened within you through a Process of Attunement or Initiation. The central focus of each Level or Degree - involves a special energetic transfer technique whereby the Reiki Teacher (Master) essentially ‘re-patterns’ the student’s etheric field and subtle energy centers.

It does not require any conditions to be fulfilled so that a student may learn Reiki, just a sincere desire to help themselves and others by using Reiki. Belief in a religious system is not required to learn Reiki. It helps to be an active participant in the learning process. Reiki is passed on to a student when a Reiki Master transmits energy to the student through a series of attunements, also known as initiations.

An attunement is the process by which the Reiki Master passes on to the student the ability to channel Reiki energy or Universal energy. During this process your aura is cleared of any blocks so that the healing energies may flow through you. A change in the energy field around you (aura) occurs that opens, clears and connects you to the ability to use the Universal Energy. An attunement is permanent, it does not wear off and you can never lose it. After the attunement, whether you use the energy or not, you can channel Reiki Energy all your life.

Attunements allow people to open to use energies much faster than is possible without them. Attunements are not exclusive to Reiki, they are used in many other energy work systems. Your hands are healing hands after the attunement, use them gently with love and wisdom to heal yourself and the world.

There are many different methods for passing on attunements. This is natural because one can never teach exactly as one has been taught. There is no right or wrong method of initiation. Reiki is the same whichever way it is passed on, only the process is different. Each Master/Teacher of Reiki acts as a tool of the Divine and is respected as such.

  • Your crown chakra, the entry gate for the universal energy
  • Your palm chakras, the exit gates for the energy that allow you to channel energy to yourself or to others.
  • The whole sushumna so that the universe energy can flow throughout your whole body and all of your important internal organs.
  • All of the chakra knots along your sushumna enabling the energy to flow freely along your sushumna and into your chakras for cleansing.
  • Your heart chakra so that you will be connected more to your heart as the heart is the key to receive divine blessing. This allows you to channel the energy only by intention.
  • The energy channel between your sushumna and your palms so that the energy can flow out properly.
  • The connection to the earth energy so that you stay grounded while advancing spiritually.