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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Distant Reiki Healing Tips

Distant Reiki Healing Tips

Practice hands on reiki :-

I am definitely one that needs to heed this advice. I have a tendency to focus on distant healing too much because I love it and I have seen it work really well. (I sometimes wonder if people have different propensities towards certain styles of spiritual practice. some drawn to prayer. some to meditation. that sort of thing. Because, I know I am drawn to distant healing.)

But if you want to give better distant healing. You should give lots of hands on healing. It is the foundation of the reiki path, and although it is the focus of the first level of reiki training, it should never be considered a level you move past, or eventually have no need for. There is no substitute in reiki practice and training to hands on healing.

Healthy diet :-

I have talked about this a little before. But, the healthier your diet, the healthier you’re energy channels, and the easier the reiki will flow. If you think about it like this. Perhaps when you received your reiki 1 empowerment, as a result you were able to give 80% worth of your potential reiki. The last 20% comes from healthy diet, meditation and exercises. Anything that will improve the overall healthiness of your Nadis (subtle energy channels, through which your shakti flows).

It is also a fact that the healthier your channels and then the more easy your ki flows through them, the more clear will be your mind, and the stronger will be your willpower, greater will be your dedication to spiritual practice/healing, and your intention will be healthier too.    

Keep your distant healing box up-to-date :-

It is a topic of disagreement within the wider reiki community as to whether it matters whether you have a strong and clear intention when giving distant healing. I personally think it does matter. And that it helps if you clearly have in mind what it is you are sending reiki too. Which is easier to do if you keep the contents of your distant healing box up-to-date. But, having said that, I also have a great big shoe box, with everything I have ever sent distant healing to within it. And I cannot get close to either keeping in mind, nor remembering everything within that box. But when I pull out a piece of paper that says “mum situation” or “donyo work situation”. I am sure they have benefited from the reiki, and have improved or healed as a result. So I also believe that some benefit is still received when you do not have a clear intention or know what you are sending reiki to.

Focus when you are sending distant healing :-

This is similar to the last point. But, is worth having under its own point. I am a believer in the idea that having a clear focus on the object you are sending reiki to helps the distant healing. Further than this though, I think you will send better healing if your mind is clear and present when you do it. So, this tip is to say. Do not be distracted when you are sending your distant healing (watching TV for example. although I confess I do this all the time)

Drink lots of water :-

This is a good tip for any type of reiki practice. It helps reduce the intensity of clearing symptoms.

Practice meditation :-

If you go along with the theory that being able to focus during your distant healing sessions is helpful then meditation is a key to helping you develop that inspiration. Daily sitting meditation was recommended by Usui Sensei, and is great for helping build concentration.

One of the important things to know about meditation is that it is about quality and consistency. It is better to sit for 10 minutes and really practice meditation every day, than to force yourself to sit for 5 hours and only do it every now and again. His Holiness Dalai Lama recommends us beginners start with 2 minutes. That way as well your mind does not rebel against the idea of sitting, and you actually find yourself looking forward to the task. Much better than setting yourself up to fail!

Send Distant Reiki to your self sending distant reiki :-

This is a great little trick, I think anyway. Julian my friend always send reiki to himself and his loved ones at all times. But, if you are dealing with a specific healing situation or issue I strongly recommend including yourself in your distant reiki healing box, or whatever you use (sometimes Julian just thinks of the things he is sending reiki to and folds her hands at her waist).

This will help you stay clear and centered while you are sending reiki and will also pacify any potentially intense clearing symptoms that may arise from the healing session. As distant healing is a good way of dealing with emotional issues, and past situations, this is very likely.

Do not over do it :-

As with sitting meditation, 10 mins of concentrated, focused, good quality distant healing is better than 10 hours of distracted, bored, mindless distant reiki. A Tibetan proverb says 1 moment of meditation is better than 100 years of normal life. And you are more likely to be consistent with your reiki practice and healing sessions if you keep a happy mind that does not feel burdened by having to slog through hours and hours of reiki.

Push yourself to increase your self-discipline and self-Confidence.

So when you are starting efforts towards your aim of joyful life..................