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Energy Exchange in Reiki

Reiki and Money

Money for Reiki? Money in exchange for universal life energy? This seems inappropriate to many people because each of us has a bit of the idealist inside of us. The theory is that the energy is freely available so how can one charge for it?

On the other hand, some people are practical minded and assess how much time and money they invest in their Reiki activities. It takes a practitioner plenty of deliberation to finally arrive at a price he/she is comfortable taking from the client. Reiki courses, Reiki treatments, Reiki instruction–all of this costs money.

To become a healer one spends lots of time learning the art. A healer goes through lots of self healing and spends money on books, trainings, material costs such as certificates, seals, stamps, print cost, CD player, CDs, membership fees in Reiki organizations and taxes. Generally, it is not a common practice to set prices based on the financial capacity of a prospective client. The prices are the same for all clients unless the practitioner wants to lower them for a client who can’t pay the sum in question.

Somewhere between these two extremes is a middle ground. That of Universal Truth. Namely that money is symbolic of Energy.

Still, how much do you accept for a Reiki healing session? For a second degree course? For training a master? It is different for every Reiki Master. For many practitioners, these are difficult questions. It is difficult to measure the value of what one gives with Reiki. In the search for the absolutely perfect solution, the best thing for a practitioner to do is to follow the course of the Grand Masters themselves.

There are many versions of stories about how Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi and Mrs. Takata developed the Reiki System of Healing. Among the stories, Dr. Usui is said to have practiced Reiki healing in the slums of Kyoto to treat the beggars and help them lead a better life. He spent many years there treating many illnesses. Over a period of time Dr. Usui began to notice familiar faces. When he asked why they were back in the slums instead of beginning a new life, he was told that it was easier to beg than work. Dr. Usui was disappointed in them but realized that by giving Reiki away, the value of his efforts had diminished. The importance of an exchange of energy became clear to him. He realized that people valued things more if they had to give something in return.

Money is the physical accumulation of energy of an individual and can be used as an exchange or fees. Mrs.Takata is said to have charged $10000.00 for the Reiki Master Attunement. Sometimes Mrs.Takata took a small amount of money as part of her fees in addition to a new client that her student would bring to her.
This society puts value on that for which it pays out money. The fees is a worldly means of expressing true gratitude and with it, true respect for what one has received. When we truly appreciate and respect the treatment and/or training received, this also opens us psychologically and spiritually to receive the full benefits of the gift of the phenomenon that is Reiki. 

Reiki Symbols and Meaning

Reiki Symbol and Meaning

These are scans of the Reiki symbols. The arrows and numbers in the pictures indicate how the symbols are to be drawn.You can find more information about the use of the symbols in the text files section, there are many variations of some symbols but they all work, use your intuition to find the right one for you.

Cho Ku Rei :

The first symbol is CHO-KU-REI (pronounced cho-koo-ray), which is often referred to as the 'power symbol. You will normaly use this symbol in every healing session, as frequently as you feel is right. Its affect is to channel far stronger healing energy. Some people may feel attracted to drawing it counter clockwise instead. If you experiment, you will usually find which feels better for you.

Sei He Ki :

The second symbol is SEI-HE-KI (pronounced say-hay-kee) and is used in most healings. It is sometimes called the 'emotional symbol' because it specifically addresses the emotional healing process and helps release deeply repressed feelings, quickly and easily. It is usually drawn once at the start of a session, and can be used again when you feel drawn to it at any time during the healing.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen :

HON SHA ZE SHO NEN (pronounced hon-sha-zee-show-nen) "The Distance Symbol" Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is used to send Reiki. You can send Reiki to anyone and anything. It is used to send Reiki over distance and time (such as when using Reiki to heal a past trauma or sending Reiki to a point in the future when you or someone might need it). It is also drawn before sending a distant attunement. You may be guided intuitively to use it in other situations when necessary. If you feel you need to use it but have trouble recalling it exactly, just repeat the name of of the symbol and let Reiki do the rest for you.

Usui Dai Ko Myo :
Traditional Dia Ku Myo
Traditional Dia Ku Myo

New Age Dai Ku Myo

The DAI KU MYO is also known as the Master Symbol. Third Degree Reiki adds the symbol Dai Ko Myo or dai ku myo (dye koo myo, (mm yoh long o) Self empowerment, Intuition, Creativity, and Spiritual connection it enables recognition and clarity about your true path. Less is known about this most powerful of the Reiki energy functions because until quite recently there have been very few people empowered to use it so it is still somewhat unexplored. It activates a powerful energy for Self Empowerment it is used for opening Spiritual connection and intuition and cellular healing .once you are attuned for this energy I recommend using it for treating yourself and others each time you activate Reiki . It is said to work at the cellular and genetic levels and is valuable for treating Migraine Headaches. Many people have found that the Reiki Attunement particularly to this Reiki tool increases the intuitive and psychic awareness that they can comfortably access.This is the energy that the Reiki master activates to do the Attunements that make the Reiki energies permanently accessible to the new practitioner. Many Reiki Masters do a non master three a attunement that activates the Dai ku myo as the spiritual intuitive energy but does not give the ability to do attunements. The Dai Ku Myo is in Buddhist teaching the representation of unlimited potential and of all spiritual teachings and natural laws of the universe All of the functions which have been added to variations of Reiki   are actually contained in the Dai Ku Myo.

Raku (Fire Serpent) :

This Symbol is pronounced "ra-koo" which is mainly used at the end of attunments, take a deep breath and hold it in, move around the back of the receiver then draw the RAKU from their head, down along the spine and down to the ground, simultaneously releasing the breath. Inform the receiver that the process is complete and that they should sit still for a few minutes before arising. It does not initiate healing energy, but instead is involved in grounding the receiver, it may also be used at the end of a healing session or at other times when additional grounding is needed. Now a big tip when attuning people to reiki, sending distant treatments don't try to hard trust in the Intelligent Reiki Energy and you will never fail ! the main word to remember is your INTENT ! so take it easy let the energy flow.

Non Traditional Reiki Symbols

Halu :

This symbol is pronounced "hay-lou" It was channeled by Kathleen and Marcy and was given purportedly by Sai baba during a meditation. Halu means love, truth,and beauty. It can also mean harmony. It is supposed to be a deeper ray of healing. This symbol is an amplification of Zonar. To draw this, the Z is completed and the pyramid is added. Halu is thought to be more powerful than Zonar and works in higher dimensions and at deeper levels. Halu is said to restore balance. It is thought to bring about "deep healing" at causal and karmic levels. Like the Usui Reiki symbol, Sei Hei Ki, it is supposed to help dissolve negative patterns in the unconscious mind that we use to keep ourselves from truth, and also to break up delusion and denial. It is also used to open a channel to higher consciousness. It can be used to repel and dispel psychic attack and psychological attacks. To use Halu for this purpose, draw the symbol in the air and connect at your heart center to the divine compassion. Infuse and surround yourself with the symbol and this energy. Know and intent that no psychic or psychological attacks can harm you in the oneness of this love.

Zonar :

This symbol is pronounced "zoe nar". It was channeled by Marcy Miller and purportedly given to Marcy from Sai Baba during a meditation. Zonar means "infinity" or eternity. To draw the symbol, first draw the "Z" and then the infinity three times. This symbol is thought to work with past lives. The theory being that the cells carry the memory of trauma, and ideas from both this life and previous lives. This symbols is thought to help us work through these issues and release them and the associated Karma. Because of this it is thought to work well with child abuse.

Harth :

This symbol is pronounced exactly as spelled. It was channeled by Kathleen Milner and Marcy Miller. Harth means Love, Truth, Beauty, Harmony and Balance. It is the main symbol of Karuna Ki. It represents the Infinite Love and Compassion of the source. Harth is a symbol for the heart from which healing and love flow. It is used to heal the heart and issues of the heart, and helps one develop Karuna (compassion). It is useful and helpful in healing relationships. Harth restores our love of life and for the things we do. Harth is good to use for addictions of all kinds.

Om :

This symbol is pronounced "Ah uu mm". It is a Sanskrit symbol used in many eastern spiritual practices. Represents the Universe functioning as a whole unit; A father/mother beckoning creation, U = son/daughter the evolution of individual souls; and M absorbing of all that is created. The sacred sound of the Universe. Om cleans, stabilizes and seals the aura. It brings in light, purifies, protects and connects with GOD. Om is chanted and visualized in gold by and individual or in groups to be used for healing or psychic attunement; sound psychically charges the air with prana which is under the direction of thought and can be directed specifically. It is recognized as the primal sound and chanted to control natural manifestations; represents the three manifestations of all life: creation, preservation and destruction Use in the initiation process to seal in the other symbols or to seal each part of the attunement. Om opens the crown and if drawn above the head opens a pathway to God and higher consciousness. I have found that repeating the Mantra "Ah um mm" that the Reiki energy doubles, it is also good for your Chakras

Antahkarana :

Antahkarana Symbol - A symbol consisting of a cube shape with 7's on its face surfaces. Presumably of Tibetan origin although this cannot be determined. Claimed to have panacea type effects on all areas of healing. This is used in a specific meditation as well as on "master frequency generator plates" developed by Ralf Jensen.

Reiki Principles

Reiki Principles

The Secret Method
Of inviting Blessings
The Spiritual Medicine
Of many illnesses

Just for today
Don’t get angry
Don’t worry
Be grateful
Work hard
Be kind to others

Mornings and evenings
Sit in the gassho position
And repeat these words
Out loud and in your heart
For the improvement
Of Body and Soul…

Usui hoped that all Reiki practitioners would spend a few moments each morning and evening to reflect on these principles. Practitioners who do this may find that it becomes easier to live up to the principles and have a happier and more balanced life.

Expanding on the Principles:
Don’t get angry 
Anger results from a feeling of being out of control. We become angry when our expectations are not met.

This does not mean to keep anger bottled up, suppressed inside or to pretend that it isn’t there. This principle just means do not let anger consume you. When anger rises, watch the emotion closely and you will feel it dissolving into nothing.

Don’t worry
Each day must be lived to the best of our abilities. And leave the rest to the universal energy. Try to find a solution to your problem. If you find a solution, you don’t have a problem to deal with anymore. And if you don’t, leave it to the universal energies. Worry is not a solution to any problem. You must learn to trust the universe and become open to experience yourself as part of a safe and loving universe.

Be grateful
Having appreciation and gratitude for the blessings you have received is a way of attracting more blessings into your life. Cultivating an attitude of feeling blessed is the path to joy and happiness. It means giving thanks for whatever you have received and will receive.

Work hard
This is not just work or job related. You have to be honest with yourself first to see the truth in all things. Then you can see that your experiences are lessons that you need to learn from to become spiritually whole. Living with integrity in your relationships, in your work and in your everyday situations will help you create harmony around you.

Be kind to others
We are all part of an interconnected whole. Each person, animal and mineral is included in the whole, only we each have different levels of vibration. When we are grateful for our life and have patience with a heart full of love, we will naturally be kind.