My Mission

My Mission ! 

Welcome, being a Light Worker, it is my job to welcome those who are seeking the light, into this world of Light. The Light is your personal growth, spirituality and connection with the universal energy.

The knowledge of the Light is already in you. Reiki attunements gently remind you of that knowledge you hold deep within you. I am help you on your path of self discovery and growth.  Whether you choose to use Reiki as a tool for attaining higher levels of spirituality, or to share it with others by way of teaching, I will be here to help you at every level.

I believe we each are born with the divine right to fulfillment and freedom. My mission is to share my healing tools and knowledge through which you can find an inner harmony; reconnecting with your true soul purpose and experiencing the complete joy of being alive. Everyone can integrate Reiki and the information it gives you into your life’s reality to create understanding and change. I look forward to sharing and learning together what the Universe offers as presents of the present.

My mission is to help you heal on all levels by the divine light of Reiki. Assisting you on every level to discover your life purpose and showing you the best way to achieve it. I will assist you with your self confidence and inner vision to continue on this journey, until you feel sure of yourself on your path.

I will empower you to reach the desired level of spirituality at the pace you are prepared for. This takes time though and cannot be achieved overnight. This is solely dependant on the level you are at and how well you take to the shift to the higher levels of energy. If it is your goal to teach others, then I will impart to you the training required for it and will assist you with your self motivation until you feel confident to teach others. I will assist you in every step of the way. 

This is YOUR journey. I am here ……… to help you on your path.

Reiki – A Life Force Energy is here to help you attain knowledge of the self and the Universe.

Ayam Atma Brahma - meaning: “The Soul is God” or “This individual self is one with the absolute” (the observer is a separate observer of both Atman and Brahman). 

Reiki – A Life Force Energy will always be a work in progress.