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learn how to find out best muhurat for all occasions and operations| Auspicious timing

Workshop Announcement: Unlock the Power of Muhurat - A 3-Day Online Course

Date: 24th - 26th July 2024 (Wednesday to Friday)

Time: 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm (1 hour each day)

Energy Exchange Fees: Rs. 499/-

Platform: Zoom Online

Course Overview:

Join us for a transformative 3-day workshop to learn the ancient art of finding auspicious Muhurat (timings) for all your purposes. Discover how to harness the energies of planets and Choghadiya to achieve success, prosperity, and harmony in various aspects of life.

Course Objectives:

- Understand the qualities and workings of all planets (Hora)
- Learn how to match planets with Choghadiya for optimal benefits
- Discover how to find the best Muhurat for various purposes, including:
    - Opening a shop
    - Purchasing crystals or items
    - Marriage
    - House purchase
    - Office start-up
    - New job joining
    - Cleaning and charging crystals
    - Conducting workshops

What to Expect:

- Interactive sessions with expert guidance
- Live chart image sharing on Zoom chat for note-taking
- Opportunities to ask questions and clarify doubts
- A comprehensive understanding of Muhurat and its applications

Important Notes:

- No material will be provided; please take notes during the sessions
- The course will be conducted online via Zoom

Join Us:

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of Muhurat and enhance your life's journey. Register now by sending a message or commenting below!

Limited seats are available!

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Kalpesh Dave 

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Higher Self Connection Reiki Meditation | Reiki Meditation | Self Connection to Higher guidance | Guru Purnima Meditation- by kalpesh dave reiki Master

 Higher Self Connection Reiki Meditation 

Article written by - Kalpesh Dave

Best Time: Guru Purnima evening, during the sunset or just after (around 6-8 pm)

Reiki Master


  1. Candle: Light a white candle, symbolizing purification and connection to the divine.
  2. Herbs: Burn dried sage or sweetgrass to clear the energy and promote spiritual growth.
  3. Aroma: Use essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, or lavender to promote relaxation and spiritual connection.
  4. Comfortable Seating: Sit comfortably with your back straight, either on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.
  5. Reiki Symbols: Keep a printed copy of the Reiki symbols (Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) nearby. 


Meditation Steps:
  1. Grounding: Take a few deep breaths, feeling your feet connected to the earth. Visualize roots growing from your feet, deep into the ground.
  2. Protection: Draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol in front of you, creating a protective shield.
  3. Connection: Draw the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen symbol on your third eye, connecting with your higher self and intuition.
  4. Heart Activation: Draw the Sei He Ki symbol on your heart, activating unconditional love and compassion.
  5. Higher Self Invitation: Invite your higher self to connect with you, asking for guidance and wisdom.
  6. Silence and Listening: Sit in silence, listening to your inner wisdom and intuition.
  7. Gratitude: Express gratitude to your higher self and the universe for the connection and guidance.
- Duration: 30-45 minutes
- Eyes: Keep your eyes lightly closed, focusing your attention inward.
- Breathing: Deep, slow breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
- Posture: Maintain a straight back, with shoulders relaxed and hands placed gently on your lap.
- Intention: Focus on connecting with your higher self, seeking guidance and wisdom.


- Regular Practice: Establish a regular practice to deepen your connection with your higher self.
- Patience: Be patient and gentle with yourself, allowing the connection to unfold naturally.
- Trust: Trust in the guidance and wisdom received, knowing it comes from your higher self.

By following this Reiki meditation process, you'll create a powerful connection with your higher self, fostering spiritual growth, guidance, and inner peace on this auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

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21 Days Distance healing session in group and individual healing starts from 01 April 2024 to 21 April 2024

 🌟 *Join Our 21-Days Distance Healing Group Session and also Individual Healing with 1 free Reiki Attunement! * 🌟

Would you like to experience the healing benefits of Reiki from the comfort of your own space? You're invited to participate in a special 21-days distance healing session facilitated by Kalpesh Dave.

During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to receive healing energy remotely to help address physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. This can assist in restoring balance and promoting overall well-being.

Option 1- Group Distance Healing

Date of Starting healing from 1st April 2024 to 21st April 2024.
Duration: 21 days

Energy Exchange: ₹2100 for the entire 21-day session (healing will done in group) + 1 free Reiki healing attunement you will receive in this.

Timing: Daily sessions for 1 hours from 9 PM to 10 PM for group healing.

Option 2- Personal Distance Healing

Date of Starting healing from 1st April 2024 to 21st April 2024.
Duration: 21 days 

Energy Exchange: ₹6300 for the entire 21-day session (personal healing for 30 mins) 1 free Reiki healing attunement you will receive in this.

Timing: Daily 30 minutes Personal Healing timing for each will be done individually by the given allotted time to the patients.

Information you need to provide - recent photo and all details about health issues need to heal, about career, finances or study and what need to clear with in what period of time. Mentioned everything in detail so I will create your personal page for healing.

Note - I will only take healing for physical, Mental & Emotional Healing, Study healing, career and Financial Healing, Job or business healing, money healing.

But keep in mind I won’t take any such healing related to spirit release, Tantri problem, black magic, External relational ship issue, or love relationship any, money taken by others or debts, bad karma healing, court case.

If you're interested in being a part of this healing experience, simply reach out to book your seat. This session is open to anyone looking to enhance their well-being or seeking healing support.

Let us come together virtually to embrace the healing powers of Reiki. Feel free to express your interest or message Kalpesh Dave directly to secure your spot in this transformative journey.

Don't miss the opportunity to bring balance and positivity into your life through the healing energy of Reiki. 🌺✨

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Reiki - A Life Force Energy


Reiki: An Introduction, History, and Description

Reiki is an old art of healing.
This technique uses the Universal Life Energy to initiate healing from within. Its direct effects include reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It can also help a person get in touch with the inner self, which is essential for personal improvement.

Several religions and movements believe that the Universal Life Energy sustains this world. Reiki is one of them. Reiki practitioners connect to this tremendous energy using symbols. After this connection is established, self-healing.

Reiki History
Reiki is believed to be developed and established in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. He discovered Reiki and single-handedly created a movement to support it. He was able to create a large group of followers, making his system popular around the world. He was succeeded by other presidents who have continued the practice and teachings of Reiki after his death.

Dr. Mikao Usui was referred to as Usui Sensei by his students. His Reiki system, called the Usui Reiki, was founded after he attended Isyu Guo, a 21-day training course of meditation.
Dr. Usui went to the high-energy areas of Mt. Kurama to meditate, fast, pray, and chant. Incidentally, the holy mountain had a waterfall where he would stand and allow water to flow over his head. It is said that this successfully activated his crown chakra.

After twenty one days of training at Mt. Kurama, Dr. Usui received the power of Reiki - a gift that allowed him to heal himself and others without using any of his own energy.

There are some speculations that Reiki might have originated from either Buddhist or Tibetan healing practices. However, no distinct relations have yet been found to prove this. Reiki masters believe that Reiki is neutral in its form and can exist independent of any religions and affiliations. Right now, the concept of Reiki had spread in the West, as well as all over the world. More and more people are experiencing the goodness that Reiki can bring in terms of freeing the spirit and getting in touch with the soul.

Reiki - A Way To Connect With The Life's Supreme Energy

In its most general definition, Reiki is the process of using life's infinite energy source to bring out the best in you. With proper training and application, it can intensify your abilities, show you your true self, and allow you to improve your body and spirit.

Reiki opens the path towards total relaxation. It allows you to rest and keep your spirit still, even amidst the tumultuous world around you. It proposes a method to connect with the life's supreme energy - the core of the Universal Life Energy that is free flowing, limitless, and enriching.

Reiki offers total healing of the body, the spirit, the mind, and the emotions. It initiates the feeling of security, peace, and wellness inside and out. It can improve your current state, as it has the power to heal both your physical and spiritual concerns. Maladies, illnesses, and diseases can be treated with Reiki in the same way that it can address depression, anxiety, stress, and panic.

There Three Traditional Degrees in Reiki Training

Reiki is the ancient art of healing through the use of energy. Reiki can be learned, practiced, and taught in different degrees. Generally, this movement is divided into three major categories, with each one in a higher level than the other.

The major divisions of Reiki training are simply referred to as first, second, and third degree Reiki levels.

First Degree Reiki

Reiki first degree is focused on teaching a student everything they have to know about the art of Reiki. Here, you will be taught what Reiki really means and what it can do for you. It is the time where masters will give their students an in-depth description about the Reiki. This includes where it came from, how to give it, and the proper way of using it. After all the concepts are taught as well as the mental, emotional, and physical natures of the student are thoroughly prepared, hands-on practice will take place.

Upon completion of the first degree Reiki training, a student will know how to use the Reiki energy for self-healing. This same energy can also be channeled to help other people, more specifically their friends and family. First degree Reiki can also stimulate personal and spiritual growth in a person.

This level is for people who simply want to discover what Reiki is. It is also for those who would like to learn how to heal themselves and others. After this level, you will be able to elevate your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state. It can effectively prevent illness in your family, as well as allowing you to heal through massage and physiotherapy.

Second Degree Reiki

Second degree Reiki leads you to the deeper understanding of the ancient method of Reiki healing. Here, you won't just be able to heal diseases right on. You will be able to transcend time and space with your healing powers as well. You will also be introduced to the sacred symbols of Reiki at this level, which you can use to develop your awareness of self, healing others, and helping them with their lives as much as you improve yours.

During the second level of Reiki training, the flow of Reiki energy within you intensifies. You can further enhance your abilities through the use of the great Reiki symbols bestowed upon you. Distance healing or planetary healing becomes possible. As such, you can possibly heal another person even if they are ten thousand miles away from you. Furthermore, you will be able to improve your self-healing abilities as well as your spiritual and personal growth. You may be qualified to practice Reiki on others after the second degree of Reiki training.

Third Degree Reiki

The third degree of Reiki training is sometimes divided into two subgroups. The first group is the training where you become a Reiki master capable of teaching Reiki students. The second group is focused on merely improving yourself, with no training to be a teacher.

Third degree Reiki is only for the people who wish to further develop themselves into a Reiki Master. Here, they will have access to all the Reiki Master symbols and are allowed to perform attunement process on others. More complex healing cycles will be taught at this level, with the aim of expanding your Reiki influence.
The end goal of this last level of training is to make you a Reiki Master who can initiate, teach, and train others into the art of Reiki.

Why Should I Learn Reiki.?

The best reason to get Reiki is because IT FEELS GREAT!

Those who use Reiki regularly often find they are more joyful, lively and their own in-built energy is enhanced-almost as if their batteries had been fully charged! Existing conflicts within the person are broken down and there is a greater vitality, leading to relaxation and a stimulation of the body.

Reiki restores and balances one’s physical, mental, and emotional energies. It puts one’s physical body in the best condition to promote healing. When people are anxious, Reiki relaxes them. When they are in pain, Reiki can reduce or eliminate it. When people are emotionally upset, Reiki can calm them and balance their emotions so that they can see their situation and problems more clearly.

Reiki energy can be used for physical problems, mental or emotional conditions.

So why you are waiting for...? Get Attuned and make your life happy and healthy.

For More Details About Reiki and Healing Meditation visit to Reiki - A Life Force Energy

And if you are interested more towards the Kundalini  Awaken then visit to Kundalini Mediation

" Get Reiki Certificate "

By Master Kalpesh Dave.

Reiki Classes, Reiki Courses, Reiki Healing and Training Center in Mumbai, Vadodara, Sirohi, India

Reiki Courses and Classes ( Charges / Fees ) 

I live in Mumbai, India. I conduct in-person Reiki Training and Healing and also do Distance Attunements and Healing. I teach Reiki I, II, III,  Master Level IV and Usui Grand Master Reiki Levels V and VI. I do Intuitive Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Dowsing, Energy Clearing of homes, work-places. I am a Clairvoyant and offer Spiritual Guidance. 
Reiki Course Level 1 :
You will receive one attunement that will attune you to Reiki, an emailed manual and certificate. I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. The certificate sent by postal mail will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges***.

For the attunement with emailed manual and certificate, click here

Reiki Course Level 2 :
You will receive one attunement that will attune you to the sacred symbols of Reiki, an emailed manual and certificate. I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. This will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges***.

For the attunement with emailed manual and certificate, click here.

Reiki Teacher Course Level 3 :
You will receive one attunement that will attune you to the Master Symbol of energy, you will receive more extra symbols and learn some basic about crystals healing, an emailed manual and certificate. I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. This will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges***.

For the attunement with emailed manual and certificate,click here

Reiki Mastership Course Level 4 : 
You will receive one attunement that will attune you to the higher bands of energy and will empower you to attune others to the traditional 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels of Reiki, an emailed manual and certificate. I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. This will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges***.

For the attunement with emailed manual and certificate, click here.

Usui Grand Master Reiki Course Levels V and VI :
You will receive 2 attunements back to back, that will attune you to the highest bands of energy and will empower you to attune others to the Grand Master levels of Reiki, an emailed manual and certificate. This is the final degree in Reiki levels, and a person attuned to this level is called a Reiki Grandmaster. A Grandmaster can attune others to any degree in Reiki, including Grandmaster-ship. As with mastership, this degree is also often offered by the teacher and not asked for.

A person studying to be grandmaster will also need to assist his/ her teacher to learn how others are taught different levels, and the number of days for this is not fixed. 

I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. This will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges.***

For the attunement with emailed manual and certificate, click here.

Note : ***
I can also send you a certificate by postal mail if you wish. This will have an extra charge to cover the shipping charges.***

How To get Rid from Lower Entities from Aura and life

 How To get Rid from Lower Entities from Aura and life

How to banish evil entities and lower energies from your aura and life, it is essential to understand the concept of energy and how it affects our well-being. Negative energies can cling to our aura, which is the energetic field surrounding our physical body, leading to feelings of unease, anxiety, and overall imbalance. These energies can come from various sources, such as negative thoughts, emotions, environments, or even other people.

One effective ritual to banish these negative energies is to perform a cleansing and protection ceremony. This ritual can help remove any unwanted energies from your aura and create a shield of protection around you to prevent further intrusions.

Here is a simple ritual you can follow to banish evil energies from your aura:

1. Set an intention: Begin by setting a clear intention to release any negative energies from your aura and life. Visualize these energies being washed away and replaced with pure, positive energy.

2. Cleansing ritual: Take a cleansing bath with sea salt or essential oils known for their purification properties. As you soak in the water, visualize all negativity being drawn out and washed away.

3. Smudging: Use sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to smudge your aura and space. Light the herb bundle and waft the smoke around your body, focusing on areas where you feel particularly heavy or blocked.

4. Energy clearing meditation: Sit in a quiet place and visualize a bright light surrounding you. Imagine this light filling your aura and pushing out any negative energies. Take deep breaths and focus on releasing any tension or negativity.

5. Protection ritual: Once you have cleansed your aura, create a protective shield around yourself. Envision a bubble of white light surrounding you, acting as a barrier against any negative energies trying to enter your space.

In addition to these rituals, there are several ways you can keep yourself protected from negative energies on a daily basis:

- Practice regular energy cleansing techniques, such as smudging, meditation, or salt baths.

- Surround yourself with positive people and environments that uplift and support your energy.

- Set energetic boundaries and learn to say no to situations or people that drain your energy.

- Wear protective crystals like black tourmaline, obsidian, or amethyst to help shield you from negative influences.

- Trust your intuition and listen to your inner guidance to avoid potentially harmful situations.

By these rituals and practices into your daily routine, you can banish evil and lower energies your aura and life, fostering a sense of balance, harmony, and protection. Remember that your energy is sacred, and it is within your power to cultivate a positive and vibrant aura that attracts only the highest energies into your life.

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Ritual Spell for Attracting Wealth

Ritual Spell for Attracting Wealth:

You will need:

- Green candle

- Patchouli essential oil (optional)

- Money or abundance symbol (e.g., a rupee or a symbol of your choice)

- A quiet and private space


1. Start by finding a quiet and private space where you can perform this spell without interruptions.

2. Cleanse and purify your space by smudging with sage or using any other cleansing method that suits your beliefs.

3. Take the green candle and anoint it with patchouli essential oil (if available). Visualize money flowing into your life as you do this.

4. Light the candle, and as it burns, focus on the flame and envision yourself surrounded by abundance, financial security, and prosperity.

5. Hold the money or abundance symbol in your hands and infuse it with your intentions for attracting wealth. Visualize your financial goals and desires manifesting.

6. Place the money or abundance symbol next to the candle and let the candle burn down completely.

7. Money spell mantra you can use for attracting wealth and abundance:

"Money flows freely and abundantly into my life,

Wealth and prosperity are forever by my side.

With an open heart and a focused mind,

I attract financial blessings of every kind.

Opportunities come to me effortlessly,

Success and abundance are drawn to me eagerly.

I am worthy of all the riches life has to offer,

My bank accounts grow fuller and stronger.

I release any fears or doubts that hold me back,

I embrace the abundance that the universe does stack.

Manifesting money is my divine right,

I am a magnet for wealth, day and night.

Grateful for the blessings that already exist,

I attract even greater abundance, I persist.

With this mantra, I welcome abundance to flow,

From this moment forward, my wealth does grow."

Repeat this mantra 3 times with conviction and belief, either silently or aloud, while visualising yourself surrounded by abundance and prosperity. Use it as a tool to reaffirm your intentions and to align your energy with attracting money into your life.

8. Thank the universe, any higher power you believe in, or your own inner strength for the abundance that will flow into your life.

Timing and Color:

For the best time to perform this spell, consider doing it during the waxing phase of the moon (from the new moon to the full moon). This is a time associated with growth, manifestation, and abundance. The specific direction for this spell is not crucial, but you may consider facing east or north during the ritual, as these directions symbolize prosperity and stability in some belief systems.

Regarding color, green is traditionally associated with money, abundance, and prosperity. Using a green candle or incorporating green elements into your spell, such as green crystals or green decorations, can enhance the visual representation of your intentions.

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As per vastu where you should place your medical box kit


Where you should place your medical kit at home and where you should avoid keeping medicine box in house. 

According to Vastu Shastra, it is recommended to place the medicine box in the northeast or northwest direction of the house. These directions are considered auspicious for storing medicines in Vastu. 

Here are some guidelines to follow when placing the medicine box:

1. Keep the medicine box clean and organized.

2. Avoid placing the medicine box in the bedroom. It is believed that having medicines in the bedroom can bring negative energy and disturb the peace and harmony of the space.

3. Avoid placing the medicine box in the kitchen. The heat and humidity in the kitchen can affect the quality and potency of the medicines.

4. Ensure that the medicine box is not placed on the floor. It is advised to keep it on a shelf or a cabinet.

Remember, Vastu Shastra is based on ancient beliefs and practices. While it may provide some guidance, it is always essential to prioritize common sense and consult medical professionals for your specific healthcare needs.

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Here are some best affirmations to encourage your kids to be smarter and more active in their studies and behavior:


Here are some best affirmations to encourage your kids to be smarter and more active in their studies and behavior:

Written by - Kalpesh Dave

1. I am smart, capable, and ready to conquer any challenge that comes my way.

2. I love learning and am excited to explore new concepts and ideas.

3. I am focused and attentive in class, allowing myself to absorb knowledge and understand it fully.

4. I believe in myself and know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

5. I am organized and manage my time effectively, making the most out of every study session.

6. I am curious and ask questions to deepen my understanding of the subjects I study.

7. I am resilient, and I embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.

8. I am confident in my abilities and trust myself to excel in my academic pursuits.

9. I am kind and respectful to my teachers, classmates and parents, creating a positive and supportive learning environment.

10. I understand that hard work and perseverance are the key to success, and I am committed to putting in the effort.

Remember, affirmations are most effective when you repeated for 21 days or more on regular basis and believed in wholeheartedly. Encourage kids to say these affirmations out loud every day to help boost their confidence and motivation in their studies and behavior.