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A Simple / Basic Protection Spell Prior to Making Contact

A Simple / Basic Protection Spell Prior to Making Contact

First, prepare by making sure you will not be disturbed.  Turn the ringer off on the phone, put the answering machine on low volume, lock the door or put a "do not disturb" sign on the door in which you'll be attempting to contact your Spirit Guides, and go to the bathroom before you begin.  You do not want to be disturbed by the urge to relieve yourself.

The materials you need to have with you for every session include:
•    A comfortable place to sit while meditating.  Remember after your session you'll be writing in this same spot, too.
•    If you are sitting on floor than meditation mat
•    comfortable clothing
•    a blanket (in case you get cold while meditating - this is common)
•    pen or pencil
•    paper or notebook
•    any spiritual or religious Symbols that you wish (optional)
•    candle and/or incense to help create the "mood" (optional)
 Once you have all your items set up the way you want them, if you are using a candle and/or incense, light it first.  I really recommend at least the use of a candle.  I use the flame to focus on while I meditate and it helps to create a more spiritual atmosphere.  Personally, I do not use incense while meditating just because the scent distracts me, but this is a personal preference. Some people cannot meditate without burning incense, so the choice is yours.

For your candle, you can really use any shape or size.  The best colors to use are, in order of spiritual preference:
•    purple (for higher guidance & protection)
•    white (for higher guidance & protection)
•    yellow (mental pursuits)
•    blue (spiritual pursuits)
It does not matter if your candle is scented or not, unless, like me, you find scent distracting.  If you do, then don't use a scented candle.

As you focus on the flame, imagine yourself in a quiet place.  You may have a favorite place or somewhere you loved to go as a child that was quiet & secret. Bring that place to mind and focus on it.  It can be anything ranging from sitting under a tree to being in temple or anything in between.  Just make sure that whatever your imagining includes only you & your surroundings. If you're imagining your old tree house you had as a kid, don't also imagine all your childhood friends there with you.
As you have your ideal quiet place in mind gently send out your intention:
"I wish to contact with my Spirit Guide."
Focus again on the flame if you find your mind is wavering.  Don't stop, just re-focus on the flame and continue.  As you do, say this simple invocation for Protection:  this is of essential importance. NEVER omit this!

"O holy Mother/Father God <Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, Jesus etc. whomever you wish>
I ask for your protective White Light to surround me & my home.
I ask for your protection at this time.
I open my heart, mind, and spirit to any knowledge
Sent to me by Spirits or Angels of the Light.
Only Beings of Light shall be allowed to enter my sacred space.
No Being of negative or mal intention is allowed to enter.
I open myself to my Spirit Guides & Angels
As I ask for their Guidance & Advice at this time."
Remain focused upon your candle flame, imagine your special place, and simply sit and wait for your Spirit Guide to arrive.

Please try not to have any preconceived notions of what your Spirit Guide should look like because this can severely limit your experience. One of my students was convinced that her Spirit Guide was a Biblical figure.  She was shocked when the Entity who made him known to her was a 1950s teenager in a black leather jacket who loved to ride motorcycles. You just never know who (or in the case of the Beaver, what) may come through.  Some Spirit Guides do not even appear in human form. They may appear as a mist, a ball of light, I had one appear to me as a talking waterfall.  Just remember the most important thing is to maintain an open mind and to be receptive and accepting of whoever comes through for you.

Once your Spirit Guide appears, introduce yourself.  Even though they already know who you are, it never hurts to use good manners. Then ask them who they are. Wait for a name. One will be provided. Tell yourself you will remember the name so you can write it down once your session is over.

Next, ask your Spirit Guide if he/she has any advice to impart to you at this time.  Many times, for this first visit the Spirit Guide simply makes their presence known and won't have a real message for you.  If that is the case, do not despair. Next time you attempt contact your Spirit Guide will have something of importance to say to you.
Once your Spirit Guide has imparted their message to you, be sure to thank them, then will yourself back to your normal state of consciousness.

Now that your meditation with your Spirit Guide is over, once you are feeling comfortable, write down everything you remember about your Spirit Guide.  Start with their name, if they told you, then go on to describe as detailed as you can how they dressed.  The manner in which a Spirit Guide dresses will give you a lot of information about what type of culture they come from and also information on the time period of their last avatar.  Also be sure to write down anything your Spirit Guide told you, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you now.  Later on it may become very important.

Once you have established contact with your Spirit Guide you have established an important connection.  As a result, be sure to play close attention to your dreams.  You may wish to keep a recorder or journal next to your bed so you can note any details.  Spirit Guides and Angels often communicate with us through our dreams because they have direct access to our subconscious through our dreams.  Also, at that time our defenses are down.  We do not attempt to filter out any strange voices or images in our dreams so our Spirit Guides and Angels have a much easier time contacting us than while we're awake.  When we're awake our minds are preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of everyday life so our Spirit Guides and Angels have a difficult time breaking through all that interference, but when we're asleep we are wide open and receiving, so they can much more easily communicate with us through dreams than while we're awake.

I suggest you keep your entries in a journal for your dreams and meditative sessions so you may want to buy a blank book that you keep just for writing down your sessions with your Spirit Guide.  As you continue to practice this meditative method it shall become easier for you and your messages from your Spirit Guide shall become more involved and detailed over time.

The main requirement in connecting with your Spirit Guides and angels is not psychic ability.  The majority of people who write me about questions regarding their spirit guides and angels almost always ask me if they have to be psychic in order to make the connection.  The answer is NO. 

All you need is a sincere desire to make such a connection, keep an open mind, and above all - be patient.  It is very rare for a person to get instant results, but it does happen.  I won't say that it won't happen to you, but if it doesn't, please do not lose hope. Keep on trying.  Your spirit guides are there waiting to communicate, but if they are silent it could be that they have nothing to say at the time.  Also, please remember spirit guides were once people, too.  They retain many of the characteristics they had while alive. If they loved to talk while alive, then you may be opening yourself up to constant chat. However, if they were shy in life, then you may have to work a bit harder at getting them to come forward and begin communicating with you on some level.  Just be patient, hang in there, and know that you are always surrounded by loving and protective energies.

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