Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Do's and Dont's of Spirit Guide Contact

Do's and Dont's of Spirit Guide Contact

DO simple / basic protection rituals before you begin (see below).  This is of vital importance in order to keep spirits of lower vibrational frequencies away from you during your session.  Such spirits are often lost on the Earth plane unaware that they are dead, or they could even be demonic in nature.  A simple protection ritual will safeguard you against any undesirable spirit encounters.

DON'T expect any famous historical personages, dead rock stars, or religious icons to put in an appearance. All of these cases have been known to happen, but usually our ego wishing for contact with such religious figures; such as, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and others, can be Guides, but usually this will not be the very first Spirit Guide to make their presence known to you.

DO always prepare for the unexpected.  Turn the ringer off on the phone, put the volume of the answering machine on zero, lock the door, if others are in the house ask them to please not disturb you for any reason - unless the house is burning down, of course.  Make sure you are seated in a comfortable position and that you have pen or pencil and paper handy to write down any impressions or messages you may receive.

DON'T have any preconceived notions of who or what your Spirit Guide may be.  This could lead to a great big disappointment. A client of mine took my Spirit Guide class convinced her guide would be some person of renown from ancient, since that is where her interests lay.   Instead, she got a talking Octopus!!!  Imagine her surprise!  However, the Octopus had many important things to say and still offers his guidance to her to this day.  This is a case of an Animal Spirit who acts as a Spirit Guide.

DO keep a special book set aside to be used as a journal in which you note all of your spiritual encounters.  This journal will prove to be an invaluable source of information to you over the coming weeks, months, even years.

DON'T share what you are doing with others who are not of like mind.  Laugh at and disbelief will undermine your attempts by introducing negative energy into an otherwise very positive and uplifting experience.

DO believe you will make contact.  For some, contact occurs with the very first session, for others, it can take weeks, but persistence always pays off, so just stick to it and your Spirit Guide will make him or herself known to you
DON'T expect your Spirit Guide to be able to predict the future by asking him or her, "when will I win the lottery?"  Spirit Guides do not predict the future unless that was part of their personal expertise while alive.  They also will not know what the winning lotto numbers for the upcoming lotto drawing will be.  Believe me; I've tried this more than once!!

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