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Easy way to see Human Auras - आभा को आसानी से केसे देखे |


Guys this Tech works 100% of time, there are many we can find but this one had always clicked for me.

An aura is the three-dimensional energy field that surrounds the bodies of all beings and things. The healthier you are, the further the aura will extend out from your body.


To see the aura you have to be able to relax and concentrate, at the same time. There is a trick to focusing the eyes in a special way.

1. You need soft light to train in, not dim, but good soft light. No harsh light or a reflection of it shining in your eyes! Get a book and cover it in blue or red crepe paper. Stand the book upright on a table several feet from you. Make sure you have a neutral background, light tan, soft grey, off white or even a black board is good. If the wall colour is wrong, hang a sheet of neutral coloured paper or cloth on it. Experiment with distance until you find what is easiest for you.

Note: The auras of the colours Blue and Red are the brightest and easiest to see. Blue has a Yellow aura and Red has a Green aura. The brightness and tone of the colour varies with the shade of colour used, so pick a bright primary colour to begin with.

2 .  Close your eyes take a few deep breaths and relax. When you are calm, look at the book. Focus your eyes on nothing, just a little to the side and a foot or two behind it. Hold and get used to that focus but don't strain your eyes or tense your forehead. Concentrate! You need a gentle, steady unfocus, just like day-dreaming.

After a while you will see a pale milky aura coming from the object. Keep looking steadily at it and a bright yellow or green aura will start building up from the object. Don’t changes focus or look directly at it or the aura will disappear.

Once you have done this and seen your first aura, you have taken the first step into a much larger world.

There is a reason for the strange un-focus. The outer field of vision is many times more sensitive than the focused area is. Have you ever seen a movement, out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and see nothing there? What you may have seen is an aura building up from some coloured object and your outer field of vision has detected it.

3. Once you have completed the first step, gather several books and cover them with different coloured paper. Study these one at a time and write down the auric colour for it. Next try using two at a time, and watch how the colours affect each other.

4. Get a pot plant or bunch of flowers and study the aura. The aura you see will emanate from the plant itself and also from the colours of the petals. The Orange hue comes from the green of the stems and leaves. You will also see a more distinct etheric and a shimmering optical effect around them. This is the life force of the plant.

5. For the next step use an animal, dog or cat etc, if you have on. Try and observe them when they are resting.

6.  Observe your own aura. This can be done both inside and outside in the sun. Hold your arm out and study it against the sky or clouds. Alternatively, lie down and look at your legs. Make sure the skin is bare when you do this, and remember, grass will give an orange hue to your aura.

When you feel proficient enough, try it with a human subject. Just remember to keep calm and don't try too hard. Do the same as in the original training exercise. When you try it on a person though, get them to remove some of their clothing and study the bare skin area, with this area highlighted against a neutral background.

7. On a human the first thing you will see is the etheric, like pale smoke clinging to the skin. Next you will see a shimmering optical effect in the air extending maybe several inches, depending on the strength of the person's aura. Keep trying and colour will build up from the etheric, this is the aura.

With practice you will be able to see more and more of it. The coloured part of the human aura can vary from a few inches to a couple of feet wide.

8. The brightness of a person's aura has a lot to do with how they feel. If they feel happy and full of life their aura is stronger and easier to see. Try getting them to wear headphones and listen to their favorite music, this will help energize their aura.

9. Try it on your volunteer outside. Make sure the sun is behind you and use clouds as a backdrop.

Note: The basic auras of colours are as follows:

Blue = Yellow aura,

Red = Green aura,

Green = Orange aura,

Yellow = Pale Blue aura,

Orange = Pale Green aura,

Violet = Pale Gold aura,

Indigo = Gold aura,

Pink = Iridescent Green.

Common Aura Colors:

The following is a list of aura colors that are associated with the person’s conscious and subconscious state. The color spectrum varies with a person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

Red: The color of strength, passion, impulsiveness and will.

Orange: Color of affection, kindness, and creativity. The muddier shades denote vanity, while golden orange represents self-control. Someone with orange in his/her aura may suffer from kidney troubles

Yellow: Mental activity, optimism, perfectionism, responsibility, sometimes shyness.

Green: The color of sympathy and reliability. The person may be an effective healer. Dark shades of green however indicate one who is jealous or hesitant.

Blue: The color of calm, and spiritual and material attainment. May sometimes represent a tendency to moodiness and depression.

Indigo/Violet: The colors of the seeker who has inborn psychic and intuitive abilities. They represent an astounding ability in the handling of practical matters. Dark shades may show that the person is often misjudged and misunderstood. May indicate heart or stomach trouble.

Black: The color of self-protection. The person is good at ‘wearing masks’.

Pink: A compassionate person who is fond of the arts. Darker shades of pink may point to immaturity and irresponsibility.

White: Purity and honesty. A color associated with spiritually evolved persons.

Silver: The person might be pregnant or is going to be soon!

However, this is not always so. Seeing this may indicate a person who is allowing great creativity in their life.

Sometimes you experience the interplay of an outside energy field upon your aura.

You can tell this is happening to you in the following circumstances:

•When you are around some people and you feel ‘drained’ and weak.

•When you feel there is someone staring at you intensely?

•When you have an instant liking or disliking for someone you’ve just met.

•When you sense someone’s presence before you saw this person.

Chakra Balancing Meditation (Rose Meditation) - चकरा कुण्डलिनी ध्यान

 Chakra Balancing Meditation (Rose Meditation)

To balance or "see" the condition of your chakras, I've found this meditation particularly helpful. Starting from your root and after you have gotten yourself into whatever meditative relaxing position you like....

See your root chakra as a beautiful Red Rose bud, completely closed and as you visualize this on the in breath, see it....now on the out breath and slowly, see the rose blooming into full bloom and changing colors to a beautiful translucent rose color, the color of a mauve colored rose. Then breath back in, and see it slowly close again and change to the deep red bud rose again. Do this over and over repeatedly on the in and out breath as described until you feel satisfied. Trust me, you'll know when.

Move onto the sacral chakra, on the in breath see your chakra as a Reddish-Orange bud rose and on the out breath see it blossom into a bright orange rose, the color of a healthy orange fruit. Again continue this process until you feel satisfied.

The solar plexus starts as a soft almost white yellow rose bud on the in breath and as you breathe out see it blossom into a bright vibrant sunshine yellow. Again, continue.

The heart chakra starts as a soft green, the baby green of early spring, rose bud and on the out breath blooms into a baby green with beautiful rose colored tips...once you get this one right in visualizing it usually has a HUGE calming effect. 

The throat chakra starts as a light sky blue rose bud and then on the out breath blooms into a deep blue cerulean color rose. See this one as particularly strong in its coloring on the out breath. This will help you to speak your own truth and needs to others.

The third eye starts as a light amethyst colored rose bud and on the out breath turns into a deep purple color blossom and then back again to the amethyst color bud on the in breath.

The crown starts as a beautiful white rose bud pristine and pure on the in breath, and on the out breath see it blossom out into a gorgeous silvery white or gold if you're male, or rainbow colored if you prefer.

If you do this a couple times a week and especially upon rising and going to bed, you will notice a change in your feelings each day. You can also learn to see your chakras this way. The troubled spots will just make themselves known to you either through seeing with your visualization, or through your intuition.

By Kalpesh Dave.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why Kundalini Awakening is Safe in Reiki?

Why Kundalini Awakening is Safe in Reiki?

Some of you who have read or known about Kundalini may have heard about the problems that Kundalini can cause. These problems are often referred to as the Kundalini Syndrome.

First, it is important to know why Kundalini awakening may be dangerous. This is because the Kundalini is a huge and unlimited power. While it lies dormant, there is a shell holding all of this power within. The conventional way of awakening the Kundalini is by stimulating the Kundalini so that the shell can be broken. The Kundalini energy will also be able to open the nearest knot of the chakra, the knot of the base chakra. However, there is still no passage for the energy to go through along the sushumna and each chakra along the sushumna has a knot blocking the sushumna. Meanwhile, the awakened Kundalini energy is released continuously. As there is no passage for the energy to be released, the amount of energy within the body builds up creating stronger pressure, pushing everywhere. When the Kundalini energy presses against the stomach, for example, one will get stomach problems, if it presses against the chest it creates chest problems, and so forth.

None of these problems will happen to a Reiki practitioner. The Reiki level one attunement prepares you properly for the Kundalini awakening by:
  • Opening your whole sushumna from the crown chakra (the top chakra) to the base chakra (the lowest chakra).
  • Opening all of the chakra knots along your sushumna.
  • Connecting you to the divine energy which automatically regulates the Kundalini energy within your body.
As the whole sushumna is already open and so are all the chakra knots along your sushumna, the freed Kundalini energy can be released easily from your crown chakra. Divine energy also envelops and regulates the Kundalini energy so that the Kundalini energy within your body is very safe. With Reiki, your Kundalini awakening will not give you pain, only bliss.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Instant and Safe Kundalini Awakening

Instant and Safe Kundalini Awakening

The first level attunement of Reiki also consists of preparations for your Kundalini awakening. So, although you have not done any previous preparation for your Kundalini awakening, the Reiki level one attunement alone is more than adequate to prepare you for this. At the time you receive your second level attunement in Reiki, your Kundalini will be awakened instantly. After doing the technique on the same day, the Kundalini energy will burst out from your crown chakra around 1.5-2 meters (4, 5 - 6 feet) above your crown chakra and the fire of your Kundalini will reach at least the level of your navel chakra (please see Reiki shaktipat illustration Video) . For more information you can read about Kundalini awakening in Reiki subsection in the Kundalini section.

If you are knowledgeable about Kundalini, you know what an instant and safe Kundalini awakening means. It normally takes decades of dedicated practice for the Kundalini to awaken. And although it takes such a long time to awaken the Kundalini, the Kundalini may still create different problems. However, in Reiki your Kundalini awakens instantly and without problems.

Although the awakening of the Kundalini in Reiki is instant, you will still have to experience the cleansing and purifying process of the Kundalini. To speed up this process, you will have to do different Kundalini exercises which are taught in the Kundalini workshop. These exercises will enable you to speed up the cleansing of different parts of your energy body and to raise the core of your Kundalini.

Divine Energy in Reiki

Divine Energy in Reiki

In general, there are two reasons why the universal energy in Reiki is often referred to as Divine energy. They are:

  1. Because the energy flows in through your crown chakra. Spiritually speaking the crown chakra is the gate for spiritual blessing to be able to flow into your body-only divine blessing can flow in through your crown chakra.
  2. If other energies can be used for good or for negative purposes depending on the practitioner, the energy in Reiki can not be used for anything negative. The energy will always do something positive although the intention of the practitioner may be negative.

Once you are able to use your Inner Heart, the all-knowing part of you, you will be able to clearly distinguish the difference between Reiki energy and other energies. You will be able to recognize that the energy in Reiki is the blessing from the Divine Source. 

You may have heard that the heart is the most special part of you. No being can manipulate your heart. You are the one that can make your heart soiled, while only the blessing from Divine Source can cleanse it. You can cleanse your heart chakra with a technique or an energy, but not the heart itself. When you use your Inner Heart you can channel Reiki  energy toward your heart and you can recognize how the Reiki energy actually cleanses, opens and strengthens your heart. Your Inner Heart likes Reiki energy so much.

Symbols in Reiki

Symbols in Reiki

Starting from Reiki level 2, you will learn how to use symbols. These symbols are not the source of any power. The source of the energy in Reiki is simply the blessing from Divine Source. Symbols are used to refer to specific types of energy. In level 2, you learn the intermediate level of energy work, that is, you learn to access specific types of energy. To do this, you need a way to refer to the types of energy you want and you do this by using symbols

To better understand this, let us look at the air. We know that air consist of oxygen, nitrogen, and other components. This is also the case for Divine energy. There are different types of Divine energy, such as energy for cleansing, energizing, relativity, etc. So, how do we refer to or access specific types of energy that we may need in Reiki ? The method is similar to referring to a specific person within a group of people. You can refer to the person by calling the person's name or by writing the name on a piece of paper and holding it up. We use similar methods in accessing specific types of energy in Reiki. We use symbols.


However, as the main goal of Reiki is to learn about the heart and the blessing from Divine Source. The use of symbols is temporary. When an infant is learning how to walk, the infant needs a baby walker to lean on. But when the infant can walk properly, the baby walker is no longer needed. This is also the case with symbols in Reiki. After understanding more about the blessing from Divine Source and removing more limitations, you will not be required to use symbols in channeling energy. The most important factor is how you surrender to Divine Source. It is how you open your heart to let the blessing of Divine Source work on you and through you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Power of  Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is not as mysterious or as inaccessible as you might think… do you know that same old running dialog you keep going over and over in your head? What are you thinking about when you wake up in the morning? What are the things you keep telling yourself? What are the thoughts you find disturbing, or annoying, and push away, and try to ignore? The thoughts that form the constant “background noise” in your head? These are the thoughts that you might need to address and change, in your subconscious mind.

I am going to outline a very simple project that will help you get in touch with what is really going on in your head, and hopefully make the changes that you desire in your life.

All you will need is a small pocket size day book calendar, or a simple small notebook. Draw a line down the center of each page, to create two columns.

This is very simple- Every day, you will-

#1- Keep track of what you are thinking about that is NOT helpful towards your goals. You will probably need to create a sort of short hand or abbreviated notation of what you are thinking about- guaranteed, it will more than fill a page, so try and create a symbol for different types of thoughts, like a heart for relationships, dollar sign for money, the letter F for family, the letter W for work, etc, etc. These are the thoughts that say, I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough, I’m not doing enough, blaming others for your problems, dwelling on and worrying about things you can’t change, etc. You know what I am talking about! Remember, you are to “fill your leisure hours, contemplating your vision”. How can you do this, when you are filling your leisure hours (or minutes, or days and weeks) contemplating your stupid, low paying job, your mean boss, your disadvantaged childhood, the aggravation your family causes you, etc, etc. You will be AMAZED at how many little symbols you mark down, one after another! But this will lessen, the more you listen to the self hypnosis program, and are mindful of your thoughts.

#2- In a separate column, keep track of every positive thought you give towards your goals, to “contemplating your vision”, and give yourself a symbolic $10.There is nothing that motivates like a little green stuff! This will get your mind used to the idea that positive thoughts will create positive results. And you can create a symbol for the positive thoughts you seem to nurture the most; this will point you in the direction of your "next step", the goals and desires that have the strongest pull forward along your path.

#3- Give the negative thoughts a value of $1, and subtract them from the positive thoughts. Keep track of this "ledger style" like an accountant. By the time you are "making a profit" from your positive thoughts, you will definitely be well on your way to success!

Kalpesh Dave is a Sound Energy Practitioner, and a qualified Vibrational Reiki Master professional. I am helping people to help themselves, and a lifetime's worth of in depth psychological, spiritual and Quantum knowledge. I thank the web for giving me the unique opportunity to use my gifts to work at home; doing something that benefits both myself and others!