Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chakra Balancing Meditation (Rose Meditation) - चकरा कुण्डलिनी ध्यान

 Chakra Balancing Meditation (Rose Meditation)

To balance or "see" the condition of your chakras, I've found this meditation particularly helpful. Starting from your root and after you have gotten yourself into whatever meditative relaxing position you like....

See your root chakra as a beautiful Red Rose bud, completely closed and as you visualize this on the in breath, see it....now on the out breath and slowly, see the rose blooming into full bloom and changing colors to a beautiful translucent rose color, the color of a mauve colored rose. Then breath back in, and see it slowly close again and change to the deep red bud rose again. Do this over and over repeatedly on the in and out breath as described until you feel satisfied. Trust me, you'll know when.

Move onto the sacral chakra, on the in breath see your chakra as a Reddish-Orange bud rose and on the out breath see it blossom into a bright orange rose, the color of a healthy orange fruit. Again continue this process until you feel satisfied.

The solar plexus starts as a soft almost white yellow rose bud on the in breath and as you breathe out see it blossom into a bright vibrant sunshine yellow. Again, continue.

The heart chakra starts as a soft green, the baby green of early spring, rose bud and on the out breath blooms into a baby green with beautiful rose colored tips...once you get this one right in visualizing it usually has a HUGE calming effect. 

The throat chakra starts as a light sky blue rose bud and then on the out breath blooms into a deep blue cerulean color rose. See this one as particularly strong in its coloring on the out breath. This will help you to speak your own truth and needs to others.

The third eye starts as a light amethyst colored rose bud and on the out breath turns into a deep purple color blossom and then back again to the amethyst color bud on the in breath.

The crown starts as a beautiful white rose bud pristine and pure on the in breath, and on the out breath see it blossom out into a gorgeous silvery white or gold if you're male, or rainbow colored if you prefer.

If you do this a couple times a week and especially upon rising and going to bed, you will notice a change in your feelings each day. You can also learn to see your chakras this way. The troubled spots will just make themselves known to you either through seeing with your visualization, or through your intuition.

By Kalpesh Dave.

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