Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Symbols in Reiki

Symbols in Reiki

Starting from Reiki level 2, you will learn how to use symbols. These symbols are not the source of any power. The source of the energy in Reiki is simply the blessing from Divine Source. Symbols are used to refer to specific types of energy. In level 2, you learn the intermediate level of energy work, that is, you learn to access specific types of energy. To do this, you need a way to refer to the types of energy you want and you do this by using symbols

To better understand this, let us look at the air. We know that air consist of oxygen, nitrogen, and other components. This is also the case for Divine energy. There are different types of Divine energy, such as energy for cleansing, energizing, relativity, etc. So, how do we refer to or access specific types of energy that we may need in Reiki ? The method is similar to referring to a specific person within a group of people. You can refer to the person by calling the person's name or by writing the name on a piece of paper and holding it up. We use similar methods in accessing specific types of energy in Reiki. We use symbols.


However, as the main goal of Reiki is to learn about the heart and the blessing from Divine Source. The use of symbols is temporary. When an infant is learning how to walk, the infant needs a baby walker to lean on. But when the infant can walk properly, the baby walker is no longer needed. This is also the case with symbols in Reiki. After understanding more about the blessing from Divine Source and removing more limitations, you will not be required to use symbols in channeling energy. The most important factor is how you surrender to Divine Source. It is how you open your heart to let the blessing of Divine Source work on you and through you.

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