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Chakra Balancing To Release Stress

Chakra Balancing To Release Stress

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magic pill we could take and stay healthy and happy forever? There is something even better than a pill since pills and med are highly over-rated, as we all know. It’s called relaxation.

As one is born, and perhaps even before, there is a process of life that begins and continues till death. It is the process of experiencing. It is how one takes stock of the outer world and internalizes what happens. This is the definition of stress.  How was the birth experience for the baby and mother? A baby is hungry so it cries. How long does it take till mother comes and meets the baby’s needs? How does the baby internalize the experience? What happened in the first grade when a teacher became angry? How did it feel the first time Mom or Dad yelled at the child? The older one gets, the more intense the experiences become. There are many stages life is played on, such as family, work place, social interactions and education. Disappointments, traumas, surprises, losses and shocks all are internalized by the emotional body and stored as stress.

The baseline of stress has been established even before awareness takes place. Each subsequent negative experience just builds from there, and unless released, the place where stress is stored will become the physical body. The good news is that stress can be released. Treatment of stress is deeper than just covering it up with prescription medicines, or over the counter remedies, or alcohol or drugs. The treatment for long term health is releasing stress through chakra healing.

I used to feel stress whenever I was overwhelmed. My logical mind told me to keep pushing on until I finish everything on my list, and then I would relax, and I wouldn’t be stressed out. As logical as that seemed, it never helped. I was still stressed. It had nothing to do with finishing what I had to do, since more things to do would show up. I was on a roller coaster ride of new stress building on older stress.

Since stress is stored through experiences, it made more sense to clear the old blocks I was storing in the chakras for no good reason, and keep up with balancing. A good analogy would be cleaning your house. If you have been letting the dirt and grime build up for years, a bit of dusting will not do very much. So go deep and get to the bottom of the dirt for once and for all. Once you have done that, it will be easy to keep the house clean with periodic “balancing”.

Continuing along with the house cleaning analogy, if your house needed a serious cleaning, would you hire someone to do it, or would you tackle the job yourself? There are many qualified therapists who are specialists in chakra healing, and could get you started in probably just a few sessions. Receiving a chakra healing is one of the most refreshing and relaxing experiences you can offer yourself. It requires trust, and faith, and more often than not, a few pennies. If you are new to this type of healing, I suggest treating yourself to a session or two.  You really deserve to give yourself the best you can.

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For those of you are interested in healing yourselves, I hope you will find the following guidelines useful. 

What you need:

(1) Massage Table
I know not everyone has one just lying around the house, so a large and comfortable mat or futon on the floor will be just as good, similar to the ones used for Shiatsu Treatments. A bed or couch is not suitable.

(2) Pendulum
Any chain with a pointy crystal will do.  Keep the cost reasonable, but be sure that it doesn’t have any chips or cracks before you buy it. It can also double as jewelry when not being used as a diagnostic tool. Please refer to “Diagnosing the Chakras” for an explanation of how to use the pendulum.

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(3) Candle, Incense, Relaxing

Meditation music.
The flame of the candle brings in the healing light, the incense cleans the area, and the music carries healing vibration in each note.

(4) Set of 7 Crystals
The Seven Major Chakras for an overview of the location and colors of each chakra so that you will know which crystals to use, and where to place them.

All the preparation is done. You have a comfortable place to lie down, the room is dark, except for the rich glow of a candle, the fragrance of your favourite incense is filling the room, along with quiet music, and you begin to relax. Pick up your pendulum and get a reading on each chakra. It helps to jot down briefly the results for each chakra, so you will have a base line for the next reading, or you can ask some to that part for you Place your crystals on the chakras, either above or under your clothing. Energies will get through either way.

Now close your eyes, and allow yourself to enter into a meditation. Inhale and exhale slowly, time after time. Free yourself from thoughts, plans, worries, and concentrate on the breathing. Give yourself this gift of healing time, because you so deserve it. You will intuitively know when to come out of the healing and meditation, but stay there peacefully and calmly until it is time. You may doze off, which is fine. The healing is still taking place. When you do come out, do not jump up or rush to take the crystals off. Stay there as long as you want. Finally, find your pendulum and do another reading. Make notes again, and compare how your chakras are now.

The outer world is still there, but it may feel different to you.  It might even be hard for you to get up, which is a good sign. It means that you are now in a new place of relaxation, and the crystals have done their work well by opening the chakras, and releasing the blocks causing stress.

When you feel you need a balancing, the process is the same. The balancing is more about keeping a steady of flow of energy in and out of the chakras, by staying in tune with what is being reflected in your body and your life. If there is something bothering the balance, you will know, and that is when you look for blocks that need clearing.

After the healing, make yourself a delicious warm cup of herbal tea, rinse off the crystals in cold water for the next time, and just enjoy your new state of peace.

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