Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chapter 5 – Are You Programmed to Fail?

Chapter 5 – Are You Programmed to Fail?

If you apply the Mind Power techniques I’ve shown you and they work and keep working, I’m extremely happy for you. If they work for a while – say a month or two – then stop working and your life goes back to the way it was before, you’ll still benefit. That will tell you that you’re programmed to fail, most likely due to past life issues. You must resolve those issues if you want to succeed.

Then you can apply the techniques I outline in this book to have the life you want. If past life issues are preventing you from having the life you want, you’ll have to resolve those issues now. If you don’t then your life will only get worse as time goes on and you’ll carry the unfinished business into your next life making things tougher than they are now. So how do you uncover issues from your past life that keep you struggling? You will need to have Regression/Past Life Therapy

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