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Chapter 4 – Will This Work for Everyone?

Chapter 4 – Will This Work for Everyone?

I said in the introduction that it’s what’s in your Subconscious Mind that determines what your life will be like. If you have read self help books that taught you how to set goals and you’ve achieved them and now you have a great life, it’s true that it was your conscious effort that led you there. But the bigger picture is, there was nothing in your subconscious mind that stopped you. So the answer to this chapter’s question, “Will this work for everyone” is…
No. This will NOT work for everyone!
A common experience many people have had while trying to program their Subconscious Mind for success is that it worked for a while, then STOPPED working. If that has happened to you, then you’re programmed to fail.
But how can that be? No one consciously wants to fail and struggle through life. The program to fail is in the Subconscious Mind, which is just like a computer. Information is stored in a computer and is later recalled.
For this illustration, I’ll refer to computers as they operated before they had hard drives. Back then every program came on a floppy disc. Let’s say you were working a program for a while, then decided to work another program but you forgot to change the disc. You could not access information from the new program because the old program was still in the computer. Only when you remembered to remove the old disc and insert the new one could you access the new program. That’s exactly how your Subconscious Mind works. It remembers everything that happened to you… every thought and feeling you had, every sensation you felt.
Everything that enters your subconscious mind is stored. If it were first programmed for failure and you later try to program it for success without “removing the original disc” your efforts may work for a while but they’ll eventually STOP, and the old program will start to play again. Until you uncover why you’re programmed to fail so you can “change that disc” or release that old program, all your conscious effort to succeed will not work.
So how does someone program themselves to fail? People who have tried to program their Subconscious Mind for success only to see their effort stop after it worked for a few months…those whose life is in constant turmoil…those who always have bad luck following them around are most likely dealing with past life issues.
What’s that, you say? We’ve lived past lives? Well, not you…not the person you are now with the body, energy, genetic makeup, chemistry and conscious mind you have now. You have never existed before and you will never exist again. But your Spirit – which is your Subconscious Mind -- has lived many lives. You don’t consciously remember those lives because the body and conscious mind you have in each life end when a life ends. So you can’t have any conscious memories of your past lives. But your Spirit/Subconscious Mind continues on to it next existence and remembers everything that happened in your previous lives. I don’t believe that. I know it.
My earlier life was a constant struggle. I was the classic loser, never getting what I wanted. Or if I did, something would happen shortly thereafter that caused me to not have it anymore.

When I first learned about harnessing the power of the Subconscious Mind, I tried it and it worked for a while. But then it stopped working. As time went on my life got worse. Suicide seemed to be a good option. But when I was introduced to the concept of past lives, and was made aware of my past life issues and worked to resolve them, only then did my life improve.

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