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Chapter 3 - Writing Your Own Powerful Affirmations

Chapter 3 – Writing Your Own Powerful Affirmations

So now you’re ready to start learning how to harness your Mind Power. You’ll do so with “Affirmations”…statements you Affirm to be true. I’ve read books that claim Affirmations are more effective if said out loud. I see their point, but I have never said Affirmations out loud. Just saying them in my head has worked well for me. If you want to say them out loud (except when you’re in other peoples’ company such as work) go ahead. Let’s say you want to use Your Power to be better at your career. I can’t give you affirmations for every career because I haven’t had every career imaginable. So I’ll give you one example you can use to help formulate an Affirmation for the type of work you do. All you have to do is change the words to fit your situation.

First, sit down with a pen and piece of paper. Write down the important elements of your job. What are all the things you need to do well in order to do well in your job? Be specific and very detailed. The Subconscious Mind works better when you program it with specifics and detail, so stay away from generalities. That goes for any affirmation for any situation.
So you have your list. Doesn’t it make sense that if you do all of those elements better you will be better in your career? Of course. So you want to make sure you include all of those elements in your affirmation.
I know something about “Outside Sales”. That’s a job in which a salesperson calls businesses, sets up appointments with them and then goes “outside of their office” and tries to turn those prospects into clients.
Most companies call those salespeople “Account Executives”. One example would be a computer salesman who calls on businesses trying to sell them his/her company’s line of computers, then continues to service those accounts when clients have questions, problems, or want to upgrade the system.

Salespeople say these are the keys to being a good salesperson:
 1. Make the prospect feel you’re helping them get what they want. If they feel you’re trying to get what you want, the prospect will be less likely to buy from you.
2. If you’re in sales because you like helping and serving people by selling them products or services that will make their job easier and help their company be more productive and profitable…if you really enjoy hearing from your clients how much your product or service has increased their company’s business and that’s what drives your ambition, then the money you can make from commissions will take care of itself. If you’re driven mainly by the money you can make, money will probably be harder to come by.
3. When meeting with prospects trying to win them as clients, act the same as they do. “Mirror” their body language, tempo of their speech, tone of their voice, mannerisms. This subconsciously conveys to the prospect…”I’m just like you. You can trust me”. If I were a computer salesman, this is how I would say my affirmation. First I would do the relaxation, then I’d say something like this:
“I am the greatest computer salesman who ever lived.
Every call I make to a prospect ends up with a sale the first visit I make. The prospect never has to think about my offer for a few days or listen to presentations by computer salesmen from other companies so I never have to visit the prospect a second time to get the sale. Every prospect is eager to buy our computers on my first visit. I’m able to convince the prospect so easily that they’re getting a great deal and they feel very good about our computers because they can tell right away that our computers and the service I can provide them are going to help them in their job, and will make their company more profitable.
Every prospect can see right away that our computers can help them serve their clients so much faster and better and their business will increase. When I meet with a prospect, I always mirror their actions and they get a real good feeling about me because they can tell I’m just like them and they trust me. They can really tell I’m trying to help get them what they want. I love doing sales because I’m making my clients’ job easier and helping their company become more productive and profitable. It’s such a great feeling to hear from my clients about how their business has really picked up since they became my client. And when they call me with a question or a need, it’s such a great feeling to be able to be of service to them”.
I could make this even more powerful by imagining I’m seeing all this happen. I would pause during my affirmation and imagine I’m in the prospect’s office and he/she is smiling and eagerly listening while I do my presentation, and he/she says…”Hey, I think these computers are exactly what we’ve been looking for. These will work out great. I want to get them right away”.
Or when I affirm…”I love hearing from my clients about how our computers have helped them…” I would pause and imagine the client calls me to say….”Hey Todd, those computers are great. And that program you gave us has already helped us pick up 5 new clients and our business is really taking off now” and I would imagine feeling happy for them all. So visualization is another key component in harnessing Your Power.

Notice that the three “keys to selling” listed above are included in the affirmation. Now, let’s examine the affirmation to see that it addresses all 6 Key Points listed in Chapter 1:

1) The Subconscious Mind only thinks in the present. I am stating everything in the present, aren’t I? Look at the first sentence of the affirmation. “I AM the greatest computer salesman who ever lived”, not “I’m GOING to be the greatest computer salesman someday”.
2) The Subconscious Mind does not know the difference between what is real, and what is imagined. I am imagining all this and I’m tricking my Subconscious Mind into believing it by visualizing the entire scenario. I’m seeing the prospect acting favorably during my presentation, and hearing him/her say…”I want to get these computers now”. Plus I’m tricking my Subconscious Mind into believing it’s happening still more by incorporating Key Point #5 feel the emotion. As I’m doing my affirmation, I’m feeling all the emotions I would feel if all those things I affirmed were really happening.

3) The Subconscious Mind learns by repetition. If you’re just starting to develop your new skill of harnessing your Subconscious Mind Power, you couldn’t say an affirmation such as the example I used just once for one or two minutes and have it work. So how much is enough? And can you do it too much? I tend to agree when using your Mind Power to attract things, such as wealth, success, a soul mate. So if using affirmations to be successful in your career or attracting anything else you want, try doing a 15 to 20 minute affirmation session following the relaxation. Say your affirmation over and over again during that time, then don’t think about it the rest of the day. But do not begin to worry about the reasons you started to do the affirmation…not being successful, not having money, not having a soul mate. That will erase what you wanted to accomplish with the affirmation.

If you do start to worry later in the day, then start to say some lines from the affirmation. And just as defeating would be asking yourself…”well, when am I going to get what I want”. That’s reinforcing in your Subconscious Mind that you don’t yet have what you’re affirming, and you will start to doubt the power your have.
I have done a 15 minute affirmation session following the relaxation just once a day for several mornings, and without thinking about it the rest of the day I saw results within a few days. Will that happen for you? I can’t guarantee it at first. But the more you use your Power for more situations the quicker it will work.
Now, when it comes to using your Mind Power to get rid of something, say an illness such as cancer…I think the more you say affirmations the better. Do several affirmation sessions a day expressing joy about being cured. Say
lines from the affirmation throughout the day and try to keep the happy feelings of being cured in the forefront of your mind as much as possible.
So the rule of thumb…using your Mind Power to attract things, do a good 15 to 20 minute affirmation session following the relaxation just once in the morning, then forget about it the rest of the day, DO NOT allow negative thoughts to creep back into your mind. If so, say lines from the affirmation. See how that works for you. It could very possibly show you just how easy harnessing your Mind Power really is. If you don’t notice any results after 2 weeks, you can try another affirmation session in the evening. But when using your Mind Power to get rid of something that’s threatening to you such as illness, say the affirmation as often as possible.
4) The Subconscious Mind is irrational and illogical. Look at the second sentence of the affirmation. “Every call I make to a prospect ends up with a sale on my first visit”. Is it rational to think I would get a sale on my first visit to a prospect EVERY time? Of course not. We’re only human.
But my Subconscious Mind is not going to think….”Whoa, you want to make a sale on your first trip EVERY TIME? Wow, that’s really asking a lot. I doubt I can do that for you…maybe every other time or most of the time, but EVERY time?”.
Remember that your Subconscious Mind never questions what you tell it, so don’t set your sights low. Set them high. Shoot for the stars, the sky’s the limit, go for the gusto, think as big as you can .
If I affirm that I get a sale on my first visit with EVERY prospect (Key Point #4 – the subconscious mind only thinks in infinite or absolute terms, not in finite or partial terms), maybe I’ll do that 50-60% of the time. For any salesperson, that would be an awesome, almost unheard of conversion rate. If I wouldn’t sell 50-60% of my prospects, I would get many more sales than I would if I hadn’t used my Mind Power.
If I affirm I get a sale on the first visit MOST of the time I will greatly diminish my results. Here’s why. First of all, “ MOST” is a partial term, in which the Subconscious Mind does not think. Plus, I’ve read books in which the author says your Subconscious Mind power works only to the extent that you believe in it. I disagree. If you believe in it halfway (partially) it won’t work for you just 50 percent of the time. It won’t work at all because the other 50% of the time you’ll doubt that it works.
Doubt will negate your efforts. Again (Key Point #4), your Subconscious Mind only thinks in absolutes, not in partials. When you affirm something, affirm it as ALWAYS being true, not MOST OF THE TIME as true. You have to believe in Your Power 100% of the time for you to master it. Think in terms of those Frank Sinatra classics …”All The Way”, and “All Or Nothing At All”.
Keep this in mind while trying to achieve any goal. Let’s use the salesman example. If you’re trying this out because your sales have been slipping or haven’t gotten off the ground yet and you’re losing confidence in yourself, don’t EVER let doubt in yourself or Your Power enter your mind.
If after doing the affirmation you start allowing those old doubts to creep into your mind, the affirmation won’t take hold. So start to say some lines from the affirmation.
Get back on track as quickly as you can. Don’t undo what you’re trying to do with the affirmation. Just as athletes are training their bodies, you’re training your Subconscious Mind. It takes a conscious effort at first until it becomes a habit.
O-kay. This should give you an idea of how to use your Mind Power to get just about anything you want…not just doing well in your job. But you can use the example as a model to fit any situation…attracting wealth or a soul mate, getting your dream job, curing or preventing disease, releasing fears and phobias. You just have to change the words to fit the situation.

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