Thursday, April 6, 2023

Reiki Healing to balance 7 chakra

Reiki Healing: How it Promotes Balance in the 7 Chakras

Reiki healing is a holistic practice that aims to balance and harmonize one's physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The practice is based on the belief that by channeling energy into the body, the practitioner can activate the body's natural healing processes and promote overall wellness. One of the primary areas of focus in Reiki healing is the seven chakras.

In Eastern philosophy, the seven chakras are energy centers located throughout the body, each with its unique characteristics and corresponding areas of the body. The chakras are believed to be the connection between the body and consciousness, and the blockages in these energy centers can lead to health issues and emotional imbalances.

Reiki healing promotes balance in the chakras by addressing the root cause of the problem. By channeling energy into the body, practitioners help to remove the blockages or imbalances that are causing the issue. This process helps to restore the natural flow of energy in the body, which is essential for maintaining good health and emotional stability.

The seven chakras and their corresponding areas of the body are:

1) Root Chakra - located at the base of the spine and associated with grounding and stability.
2) Sacral Chakra - located in the lower abdomen and associated with creativity and sexuality.
3) Solar Plexus Chakra - located in the upper abdomen and associated with self-esteem and personal power.
4) Heart Chakra - located in the center of the chest and associated with love and compassion.
5) Throat Chakra - located in the throat and associated with communication and self-expression.
6) Third Eye Chakra - located in the center of the forehead and associated with intuition and spiritual awareness.
7) Crown Chakra - located at the top of the head and associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment.

Reiki healing can help to balance each of these chakras individually, or as a whole. By addressing the root cause of the problem, practitioners can help to promote overall wellness and balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

In summary, Reiki healing is a holistic practice that promotes balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit. By addressing the root cause of the problem and promoting the natural flow of energy in the body, Reiki healing can help to restore balance in the seven chakras, promoting overall wellness and emotional stability.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Protecting and Grounding

Protecting and Grounding


The best protection is to be grounded, actually. By being grounded the clients ills will tend to stay with them and be transformed by the client. By being grounded you will be fuller of energy, and your own essence, which will naturally cause the energy flow to be from you into the client, rather than from the client into you.
  • For getting protection from the clients / patients you cover yourself with the White Light or Purple Light. Request reiki to cover you in the protection layer.
  • Take a Bath of Sea Salt after giving the treatment to others. 
  • Keep some kind of Crystal Quartz Wands Sticks or Quartz Malas while giving the reiki and treatment to others.


Grounding is not a topic considered as part of Reiki. However, in my experience as an energy healer who has Reiki training, there are many realities of the Energy which are not covered in Reiki training. The dual concepts of grounding and protection are among these.

Let us back up a little for a quick review of Energy Healing. Generally speaking this field, Energy Healing, involves the practice of channeling an energy form commonly called "Chi" into a recipient, who is the client, and who is receiving the healing. This energy, Chi, is involved with everything in the Universe. The word translates to English as "Universal Life Force", and this is a very apt term for it appears in everything in some form.

The energy, Chi, is not unique to the practice of Reiki, and there are many systems of energy healing other than Reiki. The energy follows various rules, which in some ways resemble the laws of electrical energy, and these rules are active regardless of which system of energy healing you follows. In fact, it is my belief that the different systems of energy healing are merely different "maps" that try to understand the territory of the activity of Chi. That there are different systems merely reflects that each individual has their own way of seeing the world, and thus each teacher of energy healing finds a different way to teach which results in a different format of practice.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How to heal Chakras for Different Purposes

How to heal chakras for different purpose


For Job and career 

Need to heal chakras
1.) Root - if fear is their and to bring stability.
2.) Solar - for career skill development and to clear the path to gain success
3.) Throat - to bring great communication skill power with customer and in office
4.) Third eye - to bring focus, stable mind and belief on us.

For Business

Need to heal chakras
1.) Root - to remove fear and to gain stability
2.) Solar - for skill development and to clear the path with growth of skill understanding
3.) Heart - to get emotionally balance so get you won't think from heart and get fool.
4.) Throat - for improving communication skill with customers
3.) Third eye - to bring focus, stable mind and belief on us.

For education

Need to heal chakras
1.) Root - to remove fear and to gain stability
2.) Solar - for skill development and to boost frequency in studies need skills
3.) Heart - to get stable with emotion free
4.) Throat - for improving knowledge to understand (hear and to speak well in class)
3.) Third eye - to bring focus, stable mind and belief on us.

For Self Love/self belief 

Need to heal chakras
1.) Root - to remove fear and to gain stability
3.) Heart - to get stable with emotion free and to heal with pink light to spread love for self (in whole aura and body feel pink light)
4.) Throat - to express your feeling
3.) Third eye - to belief on us and to love us.

For Financial stability (income flow)

Need to heal chakras
1.) Root - to remove fear / blockage and to gain stability 2.) Solar - for development of skill to earn money and to increase the vibrational level to spread and create financial flow.
3.) Heart - to get emotionally balance so get you won't think from heart and get fool. And you love your job or field work.
4.) Throat - for improving communication skill with customers.
3.) Third eye - to bring focus, stable mind and boost your belief.

For releasing the fear and heavy / low negative vibration from body and aura

Take a sea salt, rock salt or Himalayan salt in your dominate hand.
Scrub it for 14 days on
1.) Root chakra - for removing all black blocks and pluck out all negative vibrations through salt by rotating anti clock wise.
Then move it same on
2.) Solar chakra - for removing all soul issues anxiety, entity or any spirit connection so to break the cord same way use the salt to scrub out your negativity and break the cord from solar.
3.) Heart chakra - same way use to rotate salt anti clock wise and remove all your emotional blocks and break down all unwanted attachments.
4.) Third eye - same way use to cleans like before you did for other chakras, from third think all the negative thoughts patterns get release and get dissolve in this salt.
5.) Crown chakra - think what ever the karmic issues or negative problem are their in crown everything get dissolve in this salt and this salt has clean and charge the whole crown chakra.

After that again you go to each chakra take salt and move it in clockwise and just start flow of reiki and heal and shield your chakra with positive affirmation of vibration.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What does Reiki Energy feels like?

What does Reiki Energy feel like?

Reiki treatments are different for everyone. Some people feel Reiki as warm; some people feel it as cool. Some people will feel a tingle, and some people will feel nothing at all. Regardless of the actual sensation, Reiki treatments are relaxing, calming, and soothing.

Here are the main Sensations: 

  • Tingling in the palms of your hand, or fingers, or both.

  • Heat in the palms of your hands, or fingers, or both.
  • Tingling that becomes hot, if there is a lot of energy flowing.
  • Heat that starts to tingle if there is a lot of energy flowing. 

Less Common Sensations:

  • Coolness, though this can have different meanings for different people.
  •  Magnetic attraction or repulsion.
  • Some sort of vibration or pulsing, or a ‘breeze’ blowing under your hand.
  • An experience of ‘Colour’ of some sort, in your hands, or in your head, as the energy flows.
  • Something that it difficult to explain, but you know what it is when it is happening!
  • Not very much at all.

Not very much at all:
  • Energy from Earth Element – Feel like Magnetic Pull / Attraction / Force.
  • Energy from Water Element – Feel like Coolness / Cold Breeze
  • Energy from Fire Element – Feel like Warmness / Heat Senses (Common energy of Reiki)
  • Energy from Air Element – Feel like Heaviness / Lightness / Peace in heart
  •  Energy from Cosmic (Ether) – Feel like Tingling / Vibration / Current / Spark / Coil type raising feeling

How Universal Laws Works on Karmas?

How Universal Laws Works on Karmas?

We have to balance all our karma according to universal laws. 

Universal always by some or other way balance the karma what we have done with others.

1% we receive in good way or bad way according to the karma what we have done.

10% we have to balance from what we have earned in various ways such as salary/ gift / free services / knowledge/ blessing etc.

100% we receive what we manifest in good or bad way from universe.

As per above rules of universe, we are connected with 3 main lords always i.e. Earth, Fire, Air.

Now these three lords keep watch and eye on us: for every work what we do and how we behave. 

So now final applicable of Universal laws in our life as follows:
1% x 3 lords = 3% in karma we receive (+ve / -ve)

10% x 3 lords = 30% in terms of balancing with nature to reduce our –ve karmas what we have done in past knowingly or un-knowingly

100% x 3 lords = 300% we receive the fruits accordingly how we live and behave in our life as per what we manifest.

Who can learn Reiki?

Who can learn Reiki?

Who can learn Reiki? This is the most normal question that comes in a human being's mind before pursuing anything. So let me answer this simple question to you that Reiki is something that can be learned by anybody. Reiki doesn't need any qualifications for eligibility but, only ones will to learn.The ability to learn reiki is independent on intellectual capacity, it doesn't need someone to learn how to meditate.

Reiki doesn't take years of practice, it's a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or acquired ability. Reiki is not affected by healer's personality. The signification of experience is never clouded, it is simply passed on from teacher to student as soon as this happens, and one has and can do reiki. It is easily learn by anyone even children. Any person from 5 year old is eligible to learn Reiki.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Introduction of my channel on youtube-lifewithcolours

Introduction of my channel on 


Hello friends,

Now I am giving all reiki level 1 videos online via my youtube channel.
Request you all please subscribe my channel and get updated with all my reiki Playlist videos.
This is how my youtube channel looks like:

Home page of my youtube channel:

you can check videos from my youtube channel:

Check the playlist of my youtube channel

Apart from reiki I will also uploading other videos which are very helpful in everyday day to day life and which increases our individual self –development and growth in spirituality.

Here is the link for videos: 

What is reiki?
How to clean the aura? 

Also check my video for how to do login and get subscription plans for further studies
how to do login 

Request you all to subscribe my channel and give any suggestion, so that I can spread more knowledge to you all and in turn growth of individual self-development...

Thanks and Regards,
Kalpesh Dave

Friday, May 4, 2018

Online Reiki Classes with Full video lectures and practical

Online Reiki Classes with Full video lectures and practical

E course learning Reiki

 Now I have open the online Reiki Classes with full Video and practical session. So who really wants to learn and grow in spirituality can learn reiki online.. now there is no place issue or traveling problem.... is that u just need to do a online registration and pay the fees of the course which you want to learn... 

Here is the procedure and steps for registration:

Step 1: visit to my other website 

Step 2: on home page click on sign in

Step 3: you will see two option choose as per your requirement. As if you are new for course then click on option one or else if your are existing student who have already learn the reiki course from me (kalpesh dave) then click on option 2 (for ref see the photo below)

online reiki e-course form

Step 4: if you click for new member in step 3 then you will see below photo

online course registration

A) as in this first you need to pay the course fess in my bank account via NEFT / Online transfer / Cash Deposit. keep the payment receipt with you safely you will be needed in future for further registration. 

B) fill the form details as per given , in this you need to attach the copy of payment receipt, your passport size photo and id proof 

c) then done.

Step 4a: if you have select option second in the step 3 then you will see window link this online registartation course

Step 4b: fill the form

Step 5: now you will be receiving an email after registration and it will be activated within 48 hours. 

Step 6: then I will be providing you the full access of the online learning reiki course.

***Step 7: once this one then I will be emailing you the certificate and manual through via email and give attunement.

and do you will be channelized with traditional reiki energy.

As after watching videos and go through manual your all queries related to reiki will be clear and solved... and if still you need to ask anything then just email your query I will reply you.

thank you for learning the course online.

*** step 7 is only valid for the new members not for the existing students who already learn from Kalpesh dave personally.. 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Grounding and Centering Meditation

Grounding and Centering Meditation

This is a quick grounding meditation. You should practice this to balance your energy, release anxiety, or any time you feel like screaming.

Sit peacefully and relax. Let the ground or chair support you. Let your muscles go. You don't have to exert any effort to sit there. Take in an easy, deep breath...and let it out your mouth, parting your lips slightly as you exhale. 

Let your arms feel heavy, pulling down your shoulders. Breathe... Let that heavy feeling flow down your torso and legs, so you feel heavy and relaxed all the way down to your feet on the ground.

Now picture and feel roots growing from your feet down into the ground. Just like a tree's roots...going down into the layers of cool dirt...growing around rocks...traveling further and further down into the earth. Let the roots grow as deeply as you wish.

Now feel the healing, rhythmic energy of the earth itself flowing up through your roots...slowly traveling up...through your roots, up to your feet and quickly filling your entire body. Feel this positive, grounded, earth energy throughout your being. Take in a deep, cleansing breath... and release.

When you are ready, open your eyes and know that this grounded energy will remain with you throughout your day.

By Kalpesh Dave.