Saturday, October 25, 2014

Affirmation for Prosperity

Affirmation for Prosperity

  • “I am allowing prosperity to flow into my life, and I am graciously receiving it. Through the power of my thought and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now.”

  • “I am a money magnet, and prosperity of all kinds is drawn to me. I sow positive energy and I reap abundance. I always have plenty of money. My bank account grows everyday and I am grateful.”

  • “I awake each morning excited to pursue my passion which provides generous financial prosperity. I am now easily and effortlessly attracting unlimited financial prosperity and abundance into every aspect of my life.”

  • “My path is clear and full of wonder; my world is wide and limitless. I choose happiness, peace, prosperity, security and wisdom. I thank the Infinite for the miracles occurring in my life at this moment.”

  • “I am open and receptive to all the love, happiness, success, and prosperity that this year will bring. I am now experiencing miracles of love, prosperity, and happiness every day!”

  • “Since the Law of Attraction will bring the object of my attention, I choose abundance, wealth, happiness and prosperity. I am creating my dreams and I am financially free!”

  • “I now magnetize from the sun, moon, stars and the entire Universe into my Magic Magnetic Circle peace, joy, love, health, happiness and prosperity to myself, which extends to everyone I meet. Thank you, thank you and thank you…”
  • “I am a Divine idea in the mind of God, and I am now guided into my true place with the true people and with the true Prosperity.”

Affirmations for Business Growth

Affirmations for Business Growth 
  •  “I attract positive, energetic, reliable people to my customers and team members to my business.” 
  • “I am a positive resource and people love to do business with me. My business is growing abundantly! My business is growing every day. My business is successful.”
  • “I attract people who are enthusiastic about doing business with me. I help them achieve their dreams.”
  • “My business ventures are successful. I have everything I need to grow my business. I attract enthusiastic and motivated people into my business everyday.”
  • “My team is growing at a very rapid rate - people are joining me every week in my business and I am helping them achieve their goals.”
  • “I am getting financial prosperity and I believe my goal income is on its way because I am taking action and the Universe is magnetising the things I desire towards me and I expect them to arrive. I expect great people to get started in my business.”
  • “The people who talk with me realise that this is the best business opportunity in the world and get started immediately - they take action because they are just like me.”
  • “The people who talk with me realise that this is the best business opportunity in the world and get started immediately - they take action because they are just like me.”
  •  “My business is flourishing. I deserve and now have the perfect, lasting and successful business for me. My business increases and grows daily. I know I am successful and blessed.”
  •  “I am so happy and grateful that in this big year of 2013, I now have endless and multiple sources of income, including my business which is generating Rs___________/-  a month, I am so grateful!”
  • “I am so happy and grateful I have found a wonderful product and business and can share it with others who are serious about becoming healthier and wealthier!”

Affirmation to Clearing All Debts

Affirmation to Clearing All Debts

  • “I can easily envision myself debt-free by ______________(write the amount).

  • “I am financially independent, with huge bank accounts and I have no debts!”

  • “I am debt free with money to spend.” I enjoy the happiness and peace of mind.”

  • “Financial independence and freedom from debt is my reality.”

  • “I work very hard and earn enough money to keep myself and my family out of debt.”

  • “I have Rs.__________ by __________ and I have settled all my debts and make a home for my family.”

  • “I deserve to receive money easily, in abundance, and to live debt free now.”

  • “I forgive any and all debt owed to me, there for my thoughts are completely focused on Abundance.”

  • “My debtors affirm their faith in my increasing ability to pay!”

  • “My past due debt are decreasing every day. By the end of ___________(write the date and year); I will be completely debt free.”

  • “All my debts, my car loan and credit card debts are entirely paid off and fulfilled, easily, effortlessly, magically, miraculously, unconditionally, naturally, perfectly and permanently!!! Thank you God.”