Saturday, October 25, 2014

Affirmation to Clearing All Debts

Affirmation to Clearing All Debts

  • “I can easily envision myself debt-free by ______________(write the amount).

  • “I am financially independent, with huge bank accounts and I have no debts!”

  • “I am debt free with money to spend.” I enjoy the happiness and peace of mind.”

  • “Financial independence and freedom from debt is my reality.”

  • “I work very hard and earn enough money to keep myself and my family out of debt.”

  • “I have Rs.__________ by __________ and I have settled all my debts and make a home for my family.”

  • “I deserve to receive money easily, in abundance, and to live debt free now.”

  • “I forgive any and all debt owed to me, there for my thoughts are completely focused on Abundance.”

  • “My debtors affirm their faith in my increasing ability to pay!”

  • “My past due debt are decreasing every day. By the end of ___________(write the date and year); I will be completely debt free.”

  • “All my debts, my car loan and credit card debts are entirely paid off and fulfilled, easily, effortlessly, magically, miraculously, unconditionally, naturally, perfectly and permanently!!! Thank you God.”

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