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Reiki - A Life Force Energy Certificates of Completion are awarded for the successful completion of each Reiki course. The certificates show that you have learnt the appropriate techniques and have received the necessary Reiki attunements. A Reiki certificate is awarded at the completion of each of the Reiki courses, so that you can be awarded a First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree, Master Degree Usui Grand Master Degree and Lineage Certificate.

Each Reiki Certificate is printed in full color on special paper and is personalized with your name, the title of your course, the date and location at which you achieved your Reiki certification. Each certificate is individually signed by me. 

I live in Mumbai, India. I conduct in-person Reiki Training and healing and also do Distance Attunements and Healing. I teach Reiki I, II, III,  Master Levels IV and Usui Grand Master Level V and VI. I do Intuitive Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Dowsing, Energy Clearing of homes, work-places. I am a Clairvoyant and offer Spiritual Guidance. You can phone or email me. The details are in the ‘Contact Me’ page. 

Reiki Courses for Distance

Reiki Courses

The courses are ongoing and held on week days and weekends. If you’d like to learn Reiki in person, email me or contact me on the phone. The details are in the “Contact Me” page. I take classes personally one on one in Mumbai, India.

The course will cover the topics of the course you have registered for, such as, Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3Reiki Mastership IV and Usui Grand Master V and VI. You will also learn about Chakras, Auras and Colors. You will learn how to use the phenomenon called Reiki as a natural means of healing system. You will learn to improve your health with simple yet very effective and powerful techniques. Once you have been attuned into Reiki, you can help others using Reiki. You will be presented with the Reiki Certificate which will enable you to practice Reiki and to teach, if you have completed the Mastership Level (Reiki Level IV).

You can receive distant attunements which are exactly the same as having the attunement in person. For more details you can contact me at
If you live in India, then you need to call me for the duration of the course, which will last for approximately 2 hours. You will receive a distant attunement for the course you registered. 

We can set up a mutually comfortable time for the class.

If you live abroad, I can call you on Skype. I’m available on Skype, and if you have Skype, that’ll be great !  Or Yahoo Messanger will also work.

What is a Reiki Master?

What is a Reiki Master? 
In Reiki, Master means teacher. A Master has taken the responsibility to help others on their path. A Reiki Master has chosen to walk the path of healing and has made a commitment to show others how to heal themselves and others by showing them the way. It is not a designation to be used for ego inflation. A Reiki Master is one who is able to stay in his or her own energy and not interfere with the path of another being.

It is not an absolute requirement to teach after taking the Master/Teacher Level. Although this is fundamentally the objective for this level, however, it is not necessary that you must teach. Very often students only want to increase their knowledge base or to enhance their healing abilities.

Whatever your motives are for wishing to advance to the Reiki Master/Teacher Level, know that they are respected and I am sure will certainly be the right choice for you.

To be a Reiki Master/Teacher requires more than just receiving a certificate - it requires you to remain dedicated to your values and principles. Your knowledge, experience, understanding and compassion are assets unique to you and thus very valuable. Showing wisdom and compassion to every living thing is the very first step in becoming a great healer and teacher. To be an effective teacher you must realize that teaching doesn't stop once the workshop is over - you should be willing to remain available to your students if they require additional assistance or guidance.

"Nature provides with plenty, but never to waste" Takata sensei

The main focus for a Reiki Master is about seriously and consciously committing yourself to living a balanced lifestyle and also maintaining spiritual discipline. A Reiki Master always respects the earth and nature and is sensitive to beauty in all forms. A Master maintains a moderation in all their activities. The Reiki Level 3 attunement opens your heart and you begin to feel unconditional love and compassion for all things. Being a Master is all about serving others with love, of course, with permission!

Qualities of a true Master :
  • A Master never judges, is always impersonal, detached and yet compassionate.
  • A Master has great understanding of the Cosmic Laws and he/she has  the ability to recognize the causal effect in others.
  • A Master is egoless and also never flatters the human ego.
  • A Master spends a considerable amount of time and effort on personal spiritual growth.
  • A Master never makes you feel bad or guilty about yourself, on the contrary, he/she helps you build self-esteem and courage.
  • A Master almost never speaks of his/her background or himself/herself   unless useful in the conveyance of spiritual teachings to others.
  • A Master is universal and secular in his attitudes. He/she sees all men as an expression of the Supreme, regardless of their religion, their color, race, etc.
  • Masters do not argue. They know that a believer does not need explanations and for a non-believer none will suffice.
  • A Master never judges the outer personality of others but looks into their soul for value.
  • A Master is always detached, impersonal and aloof, but his/her heart is full of love for everyone.
  • A Master appreciates and is grateful to the Divine One for even the smallest of services that is offered to him/her.
  • A true Master concentrates upon raising the consciousness, improving character, spirituality, and increasing the wisdom and the understanding of his students.
  • True Masters are humble and are aware that they still have many things   to master and learn. They know that they are still undergoing the learning process.
Dear new Masters, after the successful completion of the Reiki Master/Teacher Level it must seem impossible to go about changing, healing or teaching masses of people all at once, but remember, as with everything, its one step at a time. Each time you are able to make a positive difference in just one person's life by sincerely sharing your accumulated knowledge and wisdom, then as a Reiki Master/Teacher, you are performing a miraculous service. Reiki is a marvelous benefit you can offer to humanity, the planet and to the universe! Please do send healing to the Earth everyday so that it becomes forever peaceful and beautiful!

"To truly become more effective Reiki healers, we should not focus on developing our breathing, we should focus on developing our compassion" - Kenji Hamamoto.

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Magic Bath Spells


Steep a teaspoon of basil in a cup of boiling water, and strain out the herb.
Add it to you bath water for a protective and cleansing influence.
It is particularly useful to clean off the feelings left by contact with those who are negative or controlling.


This spell will refresh and cleanse you. To begin, cast a circle in your bathroom.
Call the elements, and light a lavender colored candle.
Then blend in a muslin bag a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers,
and dried crushed rosemary. Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath
water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs. Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.
When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.
Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.
Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind.
Thoroughly clean your tub when you are done to remove any residue
of negative energy from the bath water.


Perform on the three nights before the full moon, the night of the full moon, and the three nights
after, using the same candles.
Ritual Bath: Use money bath salts, candlelight. Bring power through head and feet to cleanse
any negativity. Get in water and focus on goal. (When you drain the tub, negativity will go
down the drain). Cast circle. Light altar candle, God & Goddess Candle. Invoke Gods.
Anoint green pillar candle with lodestone oil, visualizing putting your energy for your goal into the candle.
Visualize the goal as already existent. Rub candle with cinnamon and cloves. Burn money incense.


1 bunch Lavender 1 large bottle clear organic shampoo
5 drops oil of Lavender Clean wide-neck jar with screw top
Place Lavender head down in the jar. Cut down to fit.
Add shampoo and Lavender oil. Close and place in sunny window
Strain and re-bottle. Use 1 tbsp. in a bath.


While in the shower, visualize yourself standing under a waterfall.
Ask the spirits of water to cleanse, consecrate and empower your body,
mind and spirit in the name of healing.
As the water runs down your body, visualize the negativity swirling off you and down the drain.
When you towel dry, ask the spirits of the air to cleanse, consecrate, and empower
your body, mind and spirit in the name of healing as well.


½ cup solar dried sea salts ¼ cup Epsom salts
¼ cup dead sea mineral salts 40 drops lavender EO
Mix all ingredients well (adding EO last) store in a glass jar or tin and use ¼ cup per bath.


Materials required: Muslin bag/Dead sea salts/lavender herb/lavender oil.
Fill your muslin bag half way with the dead sea salts, add two teaspoons of lavender herb
and one drop of lavender oil. Tie up the bag and include in your bath.
Close your eyes and feel your body soak up the healing herb, salt and oil.
Chant the rhyme:
Pains and Aches and Evil Things
Fly from me on rapid wings!
Leave my body, don't return
For peace and quiet I do yearn.
Surround me in Her radiant light.
Magic power pure and white
Banish forces of the night!


Lavender essential oil is reassuring, soporific, and is often the first choice of aromatherapists
for treating emotional or mental stress. It also reduces muscular pain, whether from illness or
physical exertion, and soothes the skin.
4 cups Epsom salts 2 cups Sea salt 1 cup non fat powdered milk
2 cups oatmeal ground to a very fine powder in a food processor or coffee grinder.
40 drops of lavender essential oil
Mix together all the dry ingredients in a large bowl, sieve if you wish, then add the lavender
10 drops at a time, thoroughly mix it through.
Do this 4 times, so that the lavender essential oil is distributed.


Rejuvenating bath:
This bath will aid in sinus relief and cold symptoms, increase metabolism and ease muscular pain.
It is a very rejuvenating bath. 1/2 cup each of yarrow flowers, elder flowers, mint leaves and
rose petals. Place in a cheesecloth or nylon bundle and let seep in the bath for a few minutes
and enjoy. The bundle can be used to gently scrub the body as well. Also, prepare a hot infusion
of Chamomile, yarrow flowers, elder flowers and mint leaves to drink while in the bath.
Soothing bath:
This bath soothes the skin and increases circulation 1/2 cup each of Comfrey leaves,
chamomile and lavender flowers and mint leaves. Use procedure as above for rejuvenating bath.


For a soothing winter bath, put 2 tablespoons of lavender buds (Lavandula angustifolia)
and 2 tablespoons of finely ground oatmeal into a small muslin bag or a piece of cloth.
Secure tightly with a string or rubber band. Tie the bundle
with the string or a piece of ribbon so that it under the spigot of your bathtub.
Once the bath is full, try rubbing the bundle gently over your skin.
Both the lavender and the oatmeal will work to soothe dry skin and calm frazzled nerves as well.


1 tbls bicarbonate soda 5 drops essential oil juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. good oil, such as sweet almond ½ cup sea salt
Stir the soda, essential oil, lemon juice and oil together and then blend in the salt.
Dissolve in the bath water.
Light 4 candles (colors of your choice) and place at the 4 corners of the tub.
Step slowly into the bath water, feeling it envelope around you. Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself laying on the surface of the ocean.
There is nothing around you, you are alone and at peace.
Feel the warmth of the sun beating down on you. Say either out loud or quietly to yourself:
Be Comforted, All is well Now you are blessed.
You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be Comforted. You are blessed.


Vervain leaves - 4 stalks worth Honey 1/4 cup
Florida water or other perfume (a few dabs) 1-1/2 cups of water
Blend all ingredients in a blender. Combine this in a gallon jug and fill with warm water.
Stand in shower and dump mixture all over, then just towel off. Its an invigorating herbal
wash that is great after ritual or when you feel slightly off kilter.


Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it.
Light some vanilla candles and/or incense.
As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:
Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
Let the Goddess' beauty
Shine through me


Into your bath water, add 10 drops olive oil, 10 drops cypress oil, and 10 drops lavender oil.
Anoint your hand with sandalwood oil and skim your hand over the surface of the water
3 to 12 times while saying:
"Into this water The power I send
Stress shall unwind Wounds shall mend."
Light yellow and blue candles, enter the tub and soak. Let the vapors take away your stress and hurts.


2 parts Thyme (This herb is a great muscle relaxant.)
2 parts rosemary 2 parts lavender 1 part cramp bark 1 part Epsom salt


Take equal parts of lavender, violet, and rosemary.
Empower them and Then boil them in a pot with about a quart of water over medium heat.
When the water is richly colored and the herbs are scenting your kitchen, drain
The water off into a jar. A plain coffee filter works great for this.
Place the jar in sunlight for an entire day to absorb the radiant energies of the sun.
You can do this on a Wednesday to add the healing powers of mercury to the spell*
Occasionally look at the jar and add your own energies to it.
Just before sundown fetch the jar and hold it firmly between your hands Just below your naval.
Feel your desire to be well filling the jar and with your minds eye see it glowing brightly as the sun.
Chant these words until you have filled the jar with as much energy as it will hold.
By the herb and by the sun
Wellness and I are now as one
Strengthening energies now are merged.
Baneful energies now be purged
Anoint spots where illness lurks or on your belly if you are unsure where the source of discomfort lies.
Or pour contents into bath water.


Take a lit silver or white candle, some salt, and a healing oil (such as carnation, violet,
sandalwood, or narcissus) into the bathroom. By the candle's light run a tub of very warm water.
Cast some salt into it, add a few drops of healing oil, and then step into the tub.
Relax. Feel the warm salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin, sterilizing the
sick portions of your body. Visualize the 'black worms' leaving it, if you wish, and when you
feel the water teeming with them pull the plug and let the water drain out. While it is draining, chant:
The sickness is flowing out of me,
Into the water, down to the sea.
Only when the tub is completely drained stand up. It is best to immediately splash your body with
fresh water (a shower is ideal) to remove the last vestiges of the disease of sickness-laden water.
Repeat as needed to speed your body's recovery.


Place 1/2 cup vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue and 1 tablespoon of salt in your bath.
Light a white and a blue candle. Imagine yourself surrounded by blue light, giving you positive energy.
Visualize all of the negative energy leaving your body through every pore.

Magic Spells To Banish Spirits, People, Emotions, Illness

Note :- In Banishing Oil you can use and Face Wash Cream, Coconut Oi, Natural Fragrance Oi, Itar Etc..


-1/2 oz olive oil 7 drops pepper oil (add cayenne pepper to olive oil if you wish)
-10 drops peppermint oil - or peppermint essence from icing part of a grocers plus olive oil.
-12 drops of rue or rosemary oil. You can add rue or rosemary to olive oil and put in a warm
place for 3 days and strain or buy the essential oil.
-Some crushed black peppercorns
-15 drops of pine oil or some pine needles stepped in olive oil for 3 days in warm place and strained.
Or pine essential oil. One obsidian or black onyx stone or a small black pebble.
Blend together in an eggcup and put In a clean brown or dark medicine bottle.
Some of these oils are volatile. Do not anoint yourself with Banishing oil. You could burn yourself.
Wash your hands after using. Charge the stone or stones used after adding it and focus on the
person and your intent pouring in energy and emotion. As you dress the candles you make them
your magical tools. Charge again as you massage away from you massaging in banishing oil from
middle to the ends of the candle.


Cloves, garlic, basil mixed with base oil.

Hematite is the all-purpose grounding (energy-balancing) stone, not to mention a beautiful ornament.
Tell, or charge all your troubles to or into the rock, then put it on the ground overnight, so that the negative energy will soak into the Earth and become neutral.


Another charm to banish sickness is make by placing a gold coin in a glass of red wine.
Put this beneath the stars and waning moon for three nights, and each night drink one third of the wine to shrink your sickness until it's gone. This originated in rural Welsh regions, with some similar spells appearing in Scotland and England.


If this one has hurt this other one, let him be wracked with the same pain.
If this one has cheated, lied, let him be cheated and be slandered.
If this one has made this place uncomfortable for this other,
let him now depart this place in health and whole, but not return.


Shout this Mantra
"Angels of Protection,
Angels who clear
Remove all spirits
Who don't belong here!"
Call upon your highest teacher, angel, or God to clear the spirit.
To increase the potency of this spell, burn sage incense and white candles.
Use a glass of water to collect negativity, then flush the water.
Also, wear any jewelry that is sacred to you. Express power and strength, show no fear.
While you meditate after the chant, know that the atmosphere around you has been cleared
of all evil spirits.


Instructions: Sit in a quiet place that is special to you.
Hold a white or cream candle in your hands and visualize the area of your life that this candles energy is needed in. After you light this candle the energy will come to you.
It may come right away or when you lease expect it.
When you are ready recite the spell or use your own words of power.
This candle I see before me, its color so bright,
Holds my needs of change in its light.
I call in the forces higher than I
To release the energy that is held inside
May it work for me in the most correct way,
Harming none and helping all as it leaves my stay.
I call on thee in perfect trust and love sending me guidance from above.
This I make happen and so be it will.

Take away this thing that brings me ill.
So mote it be.3x3x3


Use a black candle, with a picture of the person (if obtainable) placed underneath,
also a piece of parchment with the person's name on it.
Carve the Divine Names "Eel kanno taf" onto the black candle.
Anoint the candle with Banishing Oil. Burn for nine nights, each night reading Psalm 94.
Put the candle out after Psalm is done (NOT by blowing it out).
On the last night let the candle burn all the way down.
While the candle burns (on each night), meditate and focus strongly on the aim in mind.
Imagine strongly the person leaving you alone; imagine strongly their evil deeds turning
back onto themselves. Do this for about 5 minutes each night before you pray the Psalm.
(Note: a purple candle could also work for this, but used black if this person had
been very harassing in a serious way).


You will need:
* three small pine branches, a few feet in length (or three fern fronds)
The Spell:
To banish evil that has come, go into your garden at night.
Cut three small pine branches, a few feel long, or three fern fronds.
Circle your garden with these slowly and call forth all the powers and spirits of your garden
in whatever words feel good to you. Express your hurts and fears and ask for help from the
Earth Mother. Then "sweep" the house with these branches or fronds, pushing all the
dark energies out the front door forcefully, saying:
Throw the branches away, off your property.


To the Goddess, I do pray
Grant me power, strength to flay
This one's curse
With these words, I hold thee at bay.


Say "What is dark be filled with light, remove this spirit from my sight."
Before starting place your hand before you, and start the flow of power out of your hand
and then say the words, letting the envisioned blue-white light from your power hand
fill the room or house or any other place that you might be.


When the moon is in a waning phase, write on white parchment paper (or whatever you
have) the full name of the person you want to move, along with birth date if known.
Roll up the paper, with a photo if you have one, place inside a bottle of vinegar, then
toss into a body of running water, visualize your enemy moving away as the bottle
is washed away.


This will protect without causing the person bound any harm.
It is not a dark spell but a very potent protective one.
You may use a different oil if you wish to use as a banishing oil.
Rosemary may be substituted for Rue.
1 black taper or image candle (gender depends on who you are trying to bind) nail
black cloth a large piece of black cloth red ribbon cotton needle and thread
Banishing oil (see below) loose tobacco
a small mirror that can stand by itself
If you can obtain hair or nail clippings from the person or a picture, you can use it in this spell.
Fold the felt in half and cut out a rough shape of the person you want to bind.
Make the figure large enough so that you will be able to stuff it after you have sewn it together.
Sew the pieces of the poppet together, leaving a hole through which you can stuff the poppet.
Fill it with cotton and tobacco, and if you have the hair or nail clippings of the person, add those to it.
Once it is filled, sew the opening closed. If you have a picture of the person,
staple or sew it to the front of the poppet.
Next, care the name of the person onto the black candle with the nail and add these runes:
Thuraz, Isa, Eihwas, a dark filled in circle to represent the dark moon,
bars like you will see in a jail, and a widdershins (anticlockwise) spiral.
Anoint the candle and the poppet with the oil.
Cast a circle, invoke the elements, God or Goddess you are working with.
Light the altar candles.
Light the black candle and adjust the mirror so that flame is reflected in the glass.
Hold the poppet out in front of you and say:
"Creature of cloth thou art,
Creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you (name of the person you are binding).
No more shall you do me harm.
No more shall you repeat false tales.
No more shall you interfere in my life, nor in the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of the Gods and by my will, So mote it be!"
Draw an invoking pentagram over the poppet.
Now take the ribbon and begin to wrap the poppet like a mummy,
leaving no space unwrapped. Say:
"I bind your feet from bringing harm to me.
I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.
I bind your mouth from spreading false tales to harm me.
I bind your mind from sending energy to harm me.
If you do so continue, let all negative energy be cast and reflected directly at you!"
Tie off the ribbon and hold the poppet in front of the mirror while you visualize all negative
energy this person has sent to you being reflected back at them.
Wrap the poppet in the black cloth and tie with another length of ribbon. Say:
"Great Mother, I have bound this person
from harming me and my loved ones.
By the powers of three times three
By Earth and Fire, Air and Sea
I fix this spell, then set it free
Twill give no harm to return to me
As I will, So mote it be!"
Let the candle burn out while the poppet sits at its base, then take the poppet
and the remains of the candle far from your home and bury it deep in the ground
or toss it in the ocean and walk away without looking back.


Draw a picture of yourself with the negative thoughts affecting you
(could be a black cloud, or your own interpretation of how they are affecting you).
Charge a red candle with healing energy, light it, and hold the tip of the picture in the flame.
After it's lit, drop it into the cauldron.
Now, with the red candle still burning, draw another picture of yourself without the negativity.
Place this under the red candle and let the candle burn out. You are done.