Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reiki Courses for Distance

Reiki Courses

The courses are ongoing and held on week days and weekends. If you’d like to learn Reiki in person, email me or contact me on the phone. The details are in the “Contact Me” page. I take classes personally one on one in Mumbai, India.

The course will cover the topics of the course you have registered for, such as, Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3Reiki Mastership IV and Usui Grand Master V and VI. You will also learn about Chakras, Auras and Colors. You will learn how to use the phenomenon called Reiki as a natural means of healing system. You will learn to improve your health with simple yet very effective and powerful techniques. Once you have been attuned into Reiki, you can help others using Reiki. You will be presented with the Reiki Certificate which will enable you to practice Reiki and to teach, if you have completed the Mastership Level (Reiki Level IV).

You can receive distant attunements which are exactly the same as having the attunement in person. For more details you can contact me at
If you live in India, then you need to call me for the duration of the course, which will last for approximately 2 hours. You will receive a distant attunement for the course you registered. 

We can set up a mutually comfortable time for the class.

If you live abroad, I can call you on Skype. I’m available on Skype, and if you have Skype, that’ll be great !  Or Yahoo Messanger will also work.

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