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Preparing To Treat Others with Reiki

Preparing To Treat Others with Reiki

Appropriate Environment
It is important to create the right setting whenever possible for a Reiki healing session. You may work from home and be able to use a spare room just for healing. If this is not practical you may want to look at the viability of joining your local therapy/healing centre. In most cases you will be able to rent a healing/therapy room at a reasonable hourly/daily/weekly basis. 

The room should be light and clean, and feel safe. Bright pastel colours such as white, yellow or purple can be used to create the desired effect. Make sure you will not be interrupted by internal or external distractions, so unplug the telephone and disconnect the doorbell. If you’re working from home let your family or friends know your schedules so they do not disturb you.

If possible always use a therapy table. Alternatively, you could use a strong table with thick blankets on top. You will need two pillows, one for the clients head and other for their feet. 

Make sure the room is heated or cold to a comfortable level. Some people may get cold just lying still on your treatment table so always have a warm blanket available. 

Add a plant to the room and some crystals under the table to help with the right energy. Some people like to work in total silence during a session. Personally I prefer to always work in a silence but some times it depends upon the clients situation, I play therapeutic music such as classical, ambient or new age to help my clients relax.

Music also can help the therapist relax and allow them to focus on healing. Natural sounds such as whales, dolphins and running water are very therapeutic and relaxing. 

We recommend you play this music while you treat other people and yourself with Reiki. There are also a wide range of compact discs and tapes available that have been created specifically for Reiki. They have been designed to run for the length of a full treatment with a bell or chime added at three or five minute intervals to let the therapist know when to move their hands to another position. 

Burning incense or oils can add a pleasing aroma to your room. However, be careful as some people are sensitive to certain smells and it may cause them to experience an unpleasant therapy session. To prevent this happening ask your client before you light your oils or incense sticks. During a Reiki session you may find your client begins to cry as they release blocked emotional issues, so always keep a box of tissues handy for these occasions. For a finishing touch to your room you may want to place photographs of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Madam Takata, Buddha, Vishnu, Shiva, any Goddess Ma Amba or Jesus, depending on who you call upon during your invocation / prayer.

Remove All Jewellery
Reiki can travel through all materials such as stone, brick, concrete and metal. However, the metal and stones used in the manufacture of jewellery come into contact with and attract certain types of negative energy. To enable you to work with Reiki free from all subtle energy disturbances it is advisable to remove all jewellery such as rings, watches, earrings, chains and necklaces.

Therapists who work with precious stones and crystals for healing recognise that these materials can become saturated with negative energy. That is why they cleanse them on a regular basis.

Remove Tight Clothing
To allow Reiki to flow freely through you and your client it is important that you both remove tight clothing such as belts, ties and shoes. This will also make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Reiki can travel through clothes so there is no need to remove any other forms of clothing. You may find it more comfortable if you wear loose fighting clothes when you are working with Reiki such as a tracksuit.

Avoid Alcohol 
Alcohol dissipates energy. Always refrain from consuming alcohol if you know you are going to be working with Reiki for at least twenty-four hours before a session.

Personal Hygiene
Ensure you smell and appear clean and fresh. Avoid wearing strong perfumes or after shaves. If you smoke make sure you brush your teeth or use a mouth freshener. Refrain from eating garlic, onions or any other food that may leave a smell on your breath.

Wash your hands before a Reiki session using a lightly scented or neutral soap. Your hands come into contact with your clients face and skin so it is important for hygiene purposes and the peace of mind of your client to have clean hands.

The Invocation
It is important to remember that as a Reiki practitioner you are not healing your clients. You are the mediator between the universal energy and your client. You are merely the channel that enables them to draw the Reiki energy through your hands to the place it is needed. The invocation is a token that symbolises you are giving up any claims to power. You are simply the conduit in which the infinite power of the universal life force flows.

Although the invocation is not necessary to turn on the Reiki energy. But I feels it helps you to more deeply connect with reiki and universal energy. Which make you and your client feel better, focus and also respect to the universal life force and the person they are about to work with.

Your prayer should be personal and in line with your own beliefs. Ask for permission to be used as a channel for Reiki healing. I have listed below general invocation which may help you develop a prayer that is suitable for your own use.

Once your client is lying down on the healing table, relaxed and ready to receive Reiki move to the top the table (the clients head). Close your eyes and join your hands together in a prayer like position in front of your heart chakra. Alternatively, if your client is seated, place your hands in blessing position or one third eye chakra.

General Invocation 
I always like to take a few moments before I begin a treatment to mentally prepare myself for working as a channel for Reiki. This quiet time is perfect for getting in touch with our guides, mentors and assistants. It allows me a brief moment of reflection and focuses our thoughts on healing. It is important to begin the treatment with the right mental attitude. Your wish should be to pass on unconditional love and healing in the purest form and sense.

“I call upon Reiki – the Universal Life Force, all the Angelic beings who have work with Reiki in the past especially Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Madam Takata, my guides and all the Reiki Masters from whom I learn and take part in this healing session.

I ask that the power and wisdom of Reiki permits me to become a channel for Reiki’s unconditional love and healing on behalf of______ (insert clients name) may Reiki’s infinite wisdom go exactly where it is needed most, should it be for their higher good. May we all be empowered by your divine love and blessing -Amen.”

Cleanse and Harmonise Your Clients Aura
Prior to commencing the Reiki treatment run your hands in your clients aura about six inches above their body from their head right down to their feet in a slow smooth motion at least three times to remove any superficial energy build ups. This will also bring harmony to your client’s aura and form a positive rapport between you and your client. Pay attention to your hands, use your intuition, sense for possible blockages or hot spots to focus on during your healing session. You are now ready to begin the treatment.

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