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How to Open and Activate Third Eye Chakra

How to Open and Activate Third Eye Chakra, Opening Third Eye Technique

People solve their problems through rational decision making. Sometimes they lack rationality and solve something through complete intuition. This can lead to either right or wrong decision. But the question arises, how and from where they get these intuitions? People are said to use the third eye for decision making. There are some techniques for opening third eye.

Benefits of activating third eye chakra:
  • Third eye chakra or Ajna chakra is located between the eyebrows. It is the seat of soul. Meditation on this chakra brings nectar, unlimited visions and the ability of controlling adverse circumstances.
  • The three major nadis Ida, Pingla and Sushumna meet in the third eye chakra, thus before awaking of kundalini Shakti the third eye chakra should be greatly purified and open properly.
  • Ajna or third eye chakra is the centre of wisdom and intuition. When this chakra is awaken mind becomes study, calm, reliable and free of all attachments.
  • Awakening third eye chakra improves your memory; increase the mystical power of mind. You will perceive psychic guidance, psychic visions, extra sensory perception, clairvoyance and divine intuition.
  • Will power becomes very strong and all goals of the aspirant are achieved.
  • The aspirant acquires the full control of prana. He can easily distribute the prana inside and outside the body at his will.
  • Awakening of third eye chakra gives many siddhis and mystical powers to the seeker.
  • The quality of beauty, friendliness, generosity, happiness and radiance are being incorporated in the personality of the seeker.

Significance of a mantra:
  • A mantra works by creating its very special and own type of resonance in space by throwing out subtle sound or vibration.
  • A mantra is a pure form of energy having the qualities of mobility, fluidity, softness, emitting calories and movement of by the power impulses.
  • The purpose of a mantra is to bring the mind to state of devotion and concentration.
  • Sound vibrations created by utterance of a mantra enable the aspirant to attain the state of concentration, absorption, super consciousness and illumination.
  • Mantra is a form of a prayer which invokes the presiding deity of that mantra. Mantra chanting can awake amazing powers of mind and soul through the opening of that specific chakra of consciousness which related with the specific presiding deity.
  • If a mantra is awakened in the breath while concentrating on a specific chakra the whole body is recharged. The psychic toxins and blocks of that chakra are eliminated. The chakra opens with its full potentiality and the stage of union of individualized being with God is reached.
      Science of activating the third eye with ॐ OM mantra

      • Control the thoughts and focus the mind by chanting OM mantra.
      • The energizing and purifying breaths of concentric breathing patterns purify and regenerate the mind and soul. 
      • Concentric breathing patterns are a set of rhythmic and synchronizing breaths associated with constant visualization of circles one inside the other.
      • The rhythmic visualization of expansion and contraction of prana as fine streaks of light at third eye chakra results in unlocking the psychic lock of third eye chakra. 
      • The whole technique will arrest the subconscious and conscious states of mind at third eye chakra resulting in the instant opening of that chakra.

        Have a look at the following steps / techniques, for an effective solutions to open third eye:

        Choose Your Place to Open Third Eye 
        To open third eye chakra, you need to meditate. For meditation, you must have a calm and quiet environment. So, choose your place accordingly so that you nobody disturbs you in the middle of your meditation.

        Get in the Meditating Position to Open Third Eye
        After you have found a suitable place for your meditation, you should sit with your knees folded. This is a very important part for opening third eye. You should place each of your hands in each of the legs. 

        Relax Your Soul to Open Third Eye
        Relaxing is very important as a part of meditation. After you have sat in an appropriate position, you need to stay like that way for a while. Relax your body, do not move too much. If you move too much, you will eventually lose your concentration. You should also start relaxing your mind. If you have a relaxed mind, it will be easier for you to be successful in your meditation.

        Be Attentive When You are Observing Your Surroundings
        People do not give much importance to the things that are happening around them. As a result, they lose much important information through this process.

        Dreams Can be an Eye Opener
        Many people regard dreams as indication of something. Often, this becomes true too. So, keep a record of your dream. However, people forget their dream as soon as they wake up. Write down whatever you have seen and whatever you remember. This is how you can keep a record of your dream.

        Listening to Your Inner Message to Open Third Eye
        Have you ever had a feeling around the range of an individual, place, or occasion that you could not demonstrate? Have you ever had a peculiar notion that a certain occasion may occur, without any robust confirmation to help it? These sorts of sentiments are called gut intuitions, and everyone has them. Tragically, numerous individuals have a tendency to disregard their senses. Whenever you feel you have one of these emotions, record it and check whether it ends up being correct. Attempt to perceive how these hunches interface with your life. Remember that simply since you have a premonition, does not fundamentally imply that it is correct. In Contrast, assuming that it is correct, it may not unfold in genuine for a considerable length of time, months, or even years. The most ideal approach to know beyond any doubt is to record these sentiments when you get them and to backtrack and read them at times.

        Meditate More Often to Open Third Eye
        Do not expect that you will get to open your third eye right after following these steps. Instinct takes time to develop. You should be patient and do your meditation more often so that you can open the door for opening third eye.

        There is a world inside everybody. Human is said to be capable of only using a part of its brain function. The unused part always unconsciously helps us in our daily lives. Often it gets disregarded by the people, but hunches do sometimes come true. Opening your third eye is an art. You need to make yourself capable of opening your third eye.

        Signs and symptoms of third eye chakra activation 
        • There are some signs related to activation of third eye chakra, by closing your eyes you may see:
        a)    Sparking lights.
        b)    Blue/purple/silver white colours.
        c)    Black sky with infinite stars.
        d)    Silver white dots.
        e)    Purple or indigo coloured figure of circle/triangle/square/eye.
        • You may have a tingling electrical sensation in your body. You may feel pressure or sensation of screwing or pulsation in the area of third eye chakra. 
        • You may see aura, images, shadows, different colours and different invisible entities of other dimensions.
        • Your dream becomes quite real and vivid.
        • After the activation of third eye chakra you will become more sensitive towards others energy field.

        Time scale for third eye activation

        • The time takes to activate the third eye chakra is different for everyone, usually it depends upon one's own dedication, sincerity and the application of right technique.
        • Usually the third eye is activated according to the spiritual advancement, the accumulated spiritual progress of previous births. The activation may take place between the time periods of one weak to three months.