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Discount rates

📜Details about Course & Rates After Discount.


*Reiki Therapy :- 

•Reiki level 1 (1Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.2500 - 20% = Rs2000

•Reiki level 2 (1Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.3500 - 20% = Rs.2800

•Reiki level 3 (1Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.5000 - 20% = Rs4000

•Reiki level 4 Mastership (1Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.25,000 - 20% = Rs20,000.

•Reiki level 5&6 Grandmaster (1Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.20,000 - 20% = Rs.16000. 

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*Crystal therapy (2Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.10,000 - 20% = Rs. 8000.

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*Candle therapy (2Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.12,000 - 20% = Rs. 9600.

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*Angel therapy :-

 •Basic level Part 1 

(1 Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.5,000 - 20% = Rs. 4000.

•Advance Level part 2

(1 Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.10,000 - 20% = Rs. 8000.

Total course cost Rs.12000/- for 2 days 

🔘Link for Angel course details :-



*Pendulum dowsing (1 Day Course) 

Actual rate is Rs.5,000 - 20% = Rs.4000.

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Discount offer in spiritual course

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Life with colours.

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Basic rules to be followed in Reiki

Basic rules of Reiki


1. Do not develop the attitude of arrogance.
Remember ur not a healer. U r just a channel. Instead of developing d arrogant attitude, always follow the attitude of gratitude. Gratitude to Universe , God, angels, Masters n guides for empowering  u nchoosing u as a channelto heal others.

2. U r not a doctor:
Do not ever discourage ur clients or fly to consult a doctor. Always be clear with ur  clients ABT what to expect without giving false hopes. Do not diagnosis. U r a channel to heal . Leave diagnosing to doctor. 
Yes, scanning the aura to check blockages and impurities is must, so that we can heal the related organs and Chakras. Though reiki can heal most disease, do not ask ur clients to stop medications.

3. Do not fires reiki on anyone: 
If someone doesn't want reiki , they say no to it than do not give them reiki. Let them decided what us best for TheM and what is for their highest good. If they refuse and u still give reiki, their soul n higher -self WL not accept the headlong. It is like someone closing door on ur face n u cannot enter. In case of emergency u can take permission fr their higher - self and soul to accept the healing.

4. No free reiki:
You cannot give free reiki, unless of course  there is some emergency. It may end up accumalating karmic debt for both healer and d client. The circuit is only complete when u give n receive. Generally, things given for free lose its value and importance. So respect reiki and always ask for energy exchange.

5. Do not get attachedto d outcome:
Just give reiki with pure heart n pure intention. Do not get attached ti d result. It may cause doubt in ur mind n ur subconscious mind starts wondering if u WL get d positive outcome or not. Best is give reiki n HV faith that it Wil work for highest good at the right time. U r reiki channel, u HV a power of healing but when and how is decided by the Universe.

6. Be ethical:- As a healer or a teacher, follow ethics. Asa healer it is ur duty to be honest with ur client and not to give the false hopes. It is your duty to tell them what to expect aand show the right direction. AS a teacher, just do onething:TEACH FROM HEART.Teach in such a way that ur words and guidance stays with ur students forever. Ditch te attitude of jealousy and competition.

7.Never get attached to your client and never say whatever negativities which are in my clients i accept them.(most important point of all)

कपूर मंत्र का अर्थ ओर फ़ायदे ।


कर्पूरगौरं मंत्र......

*जानिए आरती के बाद क्यों बोलते हैं कर्पूरगौरं मंत्र :*
किसी भी मंदिर में या हमारे घर में जब भी पूजन कर्म होते हैं तो वहां कुछ मंत्रों का जप अनिवार्य रूप से किया जाता है, सभी देवी-देवताओं के मंत्र अलग-अलग हैं, लेकिन जब भी आरती पूर्ण होती है तो यह मंत्र विशेष रूप से बोला जाता है l

*कर्पूरगौरं मंत्र :*
*कर्पूरगौरं करुणावतारं संसारसारं भुजगेन्द्रहारम्। सदा बसन्तं हृदयारबिन्दे भबं भवानीसहितं नमामि।।*
*ये है इस मंत्र का अर्थ :*
*इस मंत्र से शिवजी की स्तुति की जाती है। इसका अर्थ इस प्रकार है :*
*कर्पूरगौरं-* कर्पूर के समान गौर वर्ण वाले।
*करुणावतारं-* करुणा के जो साक्षात् अवतार हैं।
*संसारसारं-* समस्त सृष्टि के जो सार हैं।
*भुजगेंद्रहारम्-* इस शब्द का अर्थ है जो सांप को हार के रूप में धारण करते हैं।
*सदा वसतं हृदयाविन्दे भवंभावनी सहितं नमामि-* इसका अर्थ है कि जो शिव, पार्वती के साथ सदैव मेरे हृदय में निवास करते हैं, उनको मेरा नमन है।

*मंत्र का पूरा अर्थ :-*
जो कर्पूर जैसे गौर वर्ण वाले हैं, करुणा के अवतार हैं, संसार के सार हैं और भुजंगों का हार धारण करते हैं, वे भगवान शिव माता भवानी सहित मेरे ह्रदय में सदैव निवास करें और उन्हें मेरा नमन है।

*यही मंत्र क्यों….*
किसी भी देवी-देवता की आरती के बाद कर्पूरगौरम् करुणावतारं….मंत्र ही क्यों बोला जाता है, इसके पीछे बहुत गहरे अर्थ छिपे हुए हैं। भगवान शिव की ये स्तुति शिव-पार्वती विवाह के समय विष्णु द्वारा गाई हुई मानी गई है। अमूमन ये माना जाता है कि शिव शमशान वासी हैं, उनका स्वरुप बहुत भयंकर और अघोरी वाला है। लेकिन, ये स्तुति बताती है कि उनका स्वरुप बहुत दिव्य है। शिव को सृष्टि का अधिपति माना गया है, वे मृत्युलोक के देवता हैं, उन्हें पशुपतिनाथ भी कहा जाता है, पशुपति का अर्थ है संसार के जितने भी जीव हैं (मनुष्य सहित) उन सब का अधिपति। ये स्तुति इसी कारण से गाई जाती है कि जो इस समस्त संसार का अधिपति है, वो हमारे मन में वास करे। शिव श्मशान वासी हैं, जो मृत्यु के भय को दूर करते हैं। हमारे मन में शिव वास करें, मृत्यु का भय दूर हो।

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Christmas Offers

  Marry Christmas

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Energy Balancing Affirmations

Energy Balancing Affirmations

Purpose: The below affirmations are good all round energy balancing statements that relate to specific chakras. The purposes of saying sentences are very powerful, remember everything is energy/ vibration and used in the correct manner to release emotions/ tensions etc within your own body.

For example if you say something negative about someone for 5 minutes and then stop – how do you feel now? It’s probably changed your whole physiology and feelings but conversely say something positive/ simply praise someone for 5 minutes and then stop – how you feel now. See my point. 

The key to really getting these powerful affirmations (or any come to that) is getting initially into a relaxed state (the “Alpha” state), this is where powerful transformation starts.

Here is the exercise:
• Do all these steps slowly
• Stand or Sit but in a comfortable position.
• If standing leave your eyes open otherwise close your eyes and concentrate on your breath nicely, deeply and slowly breathing.


I trust my Higher Self fulfill all my needs. My life is full of prosperity.


I accept and acknowledge my sexuality. My physical health is strong and pure.

In a smooth and healthy way, I release all unresolved emotions. I claim my personal power.

I freely and easily give and receive love. Totally forgive others and myself for all past errors and judgments.


I easily and gracefully express my deepest feelings and emotions.

My inner vision is clear and strong. I trust my intuition and inner vision.

* CROWN CHAKRAI accept and acknowledge my spirituality.

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Tips for Increasing the Intuitions


  • Pay attention to emotions, images, dreams, hunches, “gut feelings.” That’s how your intuition communicates with you. 
  • Notice what excites you. These are critical clues from your intuition about the right endeavors to pursue. 
  • Get clear about goals. Write about what you want. Expand your vision. Your intuition will show you the quickest route to where you want to go in life.
  • Ask your intuition questions such as, “How can I…” “What should I do about…” Then listen for the answers. 
  • Visualize yourself achieving your goals. Visualization is a powerful tool used by many successful people from all walks of life. 
  • Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Holding positive thoughts about your goals will help you attract the circumstances to achieve them. 
  • Act on the information you receive. Intuition is like any skill -- the more you use it the better you get at it. You don’t need to make major changes based on your intuition. Small steps are important.

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Levels of Reiki

Levels of Reiki

In Traditional way there are only 4 levels of Reiki, which are:


This is your first level or degree along the Reiki path. In Reiki Level 1, you sense spiritual energy. The Reiki attunement connects you to the source of healing energy. It gives you/awakens in you the ability to ‘do’ Reiki. You can start to channel Reiki after the attunement to this level of Reiki to help heal others and yourself. In Level 1, you are taught techniques for treatment of self and others. The focus of Level 1 is about learning to become ‘a clear channel’ for Reiki.

Level 1 connects you with the phenomenon that is Reiki. It gives you/awakens in you the ability to ‘do’ Reiki. In Level 1, you are taught techniques for treatment of self and others. Traditionally, in Usui Shiki Ryoho, the focus of Reiki Level 1 is on hands-on therapy at a purely physical level, both for self-treatment and for treating others.

The topics covered in Reiki Level 1 are:
  • Introduction
  • What is Reiki?
  • History of Reiki
  • How does Reiki work?
  • The beneficial effects of Reiki
  • Usui Reiki Principles
  • Reiki Levels or degrees
  • What is a Reiki attunement or initiation?
  • Aura
  • Chakras
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Using Reiki
  • Treatment of Self and Others
  • Energy Ball
  • Hand positions
  • Giving Reiki treatment to others
  • Energy Exchange 
  • Grounding 
  • Basic distance healing
  • More ways of using your Reiki 
  • Tip and Tricks for the Practitioner's
  • The 21 day cleansing process
  • Disclaimer


This Reiki attunement deepens your connection to the source and strengthens your ability to channel it. In Reiki Level 2, you call and consciously direct spiritual energy. You are introduced to the Reiki symbols and distance healing in this level.
Symbols are used in healing, meditation and for spiritual, mental and emotional development. They are triggers that enable you to connect with spiritual information. Symbols help you connect with and focus and use the Reiki energy. The symbols can be used for healing and protection. 

The Reiki symbols are used in treatments as well as attunements/ initiations. There are three traditional symbols taught in Reiki Level 2. There is one more symbol used in traditional Reiki in the Master Level.

The Reiki Level 2 attunement attunes you to the three symbols you will be working with at this level. The attunement of Level 2 deepens the quality of the flow of Reiki Energy.  With Reiki Level 2 training, the student is introduced to three sacred symbols, and is instructed in their use to:
-enhance the effectiveness of physical level treatment
-carry out treatment at deeper mental and emotional levels
-and perform ‘distant’ or ‘absent’ treatments for people not physically present.

The topics covered in Reiki Level 2 are: 
  • Introduction
  • Reiki Principles (Ethics)
  • About symbols
  • Advanced energy channeling and healing with symbols
  • Instant and safe Kundalini awakening
  • Harmony, Emotional and mental  
  • Death and bereavement
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen/Distance symbol
  • Sei He Ki/Mental-Emotional symbol
  • Cho Ku Rei/Power Symbol
  • Guidelines for the use of symbols
  • Hands-on Reiki treatment using the symbols
  • Distance or Absent healing
  • Distance treatments to many people
  • Protection or shielding
  • Grounding
  • Intentions and affirmations
  • Energy blocks and illness
  • Self treatment
  • Dowsing (Through Pendulum)
  • Short form of the Reiki treatment
  • Tip and Tricks for the Practitioner's
  • The 21 Day Cleansing Process


This is your 3rd Level Degree. In this Degree a person can attuned to the levels 1. This training of the Master/Teacher Level is invaluable to those who want to share Reiki with others by teaching them Reiki Level 1.
Reiki is also, especially at this higher level, an invaluable tool for spiritual growth, having a subtle yet profound effect on one’s personal development.

This level further strengthens and deepens your connection to the Reiki source.  You are taught the fourth sacred symbol - the Master symbol, and are instructed in its uses, including its significance in the Attunement/ Initiation process. Reiki Level 3 empowers you to pass on attunements/ initiations to others. You are also instructed about the basics for teaching.

At this level, a healer is capable of sending healing by a look or by thought alone. The training for this level includes learning to impart attunement to others and several developmental techniques. 

The topics covered in the Reiki Level 3 are:
  • Introduction
  • The Master Symbol
  • Using the Master Symbol 
  • How attunements work
  • Ritual and Attunement
  • Before the Attunement
  • Attunement Steps for Reiki Level 1 
  • Distant or Remote Attunement
  • Energy exchange
  • What is a Reiki Master?
  • Reiki Principles for Professionals (Ethics)
  • How to teach a Reiki for Class 1
  • Programming (able to program an object to channel Reiki actively for a longer period of time)
  • Developing all major chakras
  • The 21 day cleansing process


Level 4 is the Master Level. In this Level you are going to Attuned a student for the Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. A person attuned to this level is called a Reiki Master. After get attune to this level a student (Master) can teach/attuned all Levels of Traditional Reiki.  This training of the Master/Teacher Level is invaluable to those who want to share Reiki with others by teaching them Reiki Level 2, 3 and 4.
At this level, a healer is capable of sending healing by a look or by thought alone. The training for this level includes learning to impart attunement to others and several developmental techniques. A person attuned to this level is called a Reiki Master. 

The topics covered in the Reiki Level 4 are:
  • Introduction
  • How attunements work
  • Ritual and Attunement
  • Before the Attunement 
  • Attunement Steps for Reiki Level 2
  • Attunement Steps for Reiki Level 3
  • Attunement Steps for Master Level 4
  • Distant or Remote Attunement
  • Energy exchange
  • What is a Reiki Master?
  • Reiki Principles for Professionals (Ethics)
  • How to teach a Reiki for Class 2,3,4
  • The 21 day cleansing process


Master/Teacher continuation and completion of the Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki levels V and VI are not given directly from Mikao Usui. At the beginning these levels were without symbols. They were formed by a Qi Gong and Reiki Master from Berlin, Germany. He saw an opportunity to channel Qi Gong energy in the same way as Reiki during meditation – this is the second part of the initiation process.

The symbols were probably channeled by an English medium/channel, they then being put together because it was believed that symbols ought to be added to the initiation process.

Experiences with levels V and VI are very positive, it being powerful energy called Reiki-Laser Energy.

To be initiated into levels V and VI, one should have been a Reiki Master for at least six months.

Both the levels V and VI must be taught together and so both the initiations are given one after the other. They are Yin and Yang.

 The topics covered in the Grandmaster Level 5 are:
  • Introduction
  • The 2 Grand Master Symbols
  • The 4 Wisdom Symbols
  • Using the Master Symbol
  • How attunements work
  • Ritual and Attunements
  • Before the Attunement 
  • Attunement Steps for Reiki Grand Master Level 5
  •  Attunement Steps for Reiki Grand Master Level 6
  • Distant or Remote Attunement
  • Energy exchange
  • What is a Reiki Grand Master?
  • Able to give all Level Attunement to others
  • The 21 day cleansing process
I live in Mumbai, India. I conduct in-person Reiki Training and Healing and also do Distance Attunements and Healing. I teach Reiki I, II, III, Master Level IV and Usui Grand Master Reiki Levels V and VI. I do Intuitive Readings, Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Dowsing, Energy Clearing of homes, work-places. I am a Clairvoyant and offer Spiritual Guidance. If you live in Mumbai or can visit, it would be great!

Self Reiki Treatment

Reiki can be used for your own healing. Healing yourself helps to clear away blocks in your energy flow, balances and harmonizes your whole being. It is also an excellent way to become familiar with using Reiki. You are encouraged to give yourself a Reiki treatment everyday.

Self treatment can be done in a similar way to healing clients or also by just resting your hands on your thighs while seated and intending Reiki to flow. Reiki goes to where it is needed, but when using the hand positions Reiki works faster on each specific area.

Treatment on the front and back of body can be done on yourself. The front of the body may be easier to self heal than the back as some places may be difficult to reach. If you find it difficult to reach the back of your body, you can self heal the front of your body with the mental intention that you are treating the back positions – in a mirror image manner.

Reiki never hurts so take care and do the positions you are comfortable in. An ideal position is one in which you are comfortable and can relax in. Alternative hand positions do not interfere with the flow of Reiki. Reiki flows to where it is needed, though your intent is required.

 If you have completed Reiki Level 2, then you can use the symbols in your self healing. All practitioners are encouraged to perform self treatments with Reiki once everyday. It keeps you grounded and in touch with energy work.

To begin, sit comfortably with your hands in the Gassho (namaste) position allowing your mind to quieten. Ask your Angels / God / Guru and Guides to assist in the treatment, if you work with them. Draw the three symbols in front of you and say their names each three times. Draw the Power Symbol on both the palms of your hands. Begin the Reiki treatment using the hand positions. At the end of the treatment, draw a large Power Symbol covering your entire body to seal in the energy.  At the end of the self healing, thank Reiki, the Grand Masters and your Guru and Guides (if you work with them).